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Destination Wedding Photography Guide

Below we discuss destination wedding photography tips from over a decade in the business. Additionally, we share our latest photography from destination weddings. Be sure to contact us to check if we have your wedding date available.

As a destination wedding photographer, I’ve had the honor of capturing fleeting moments in unreal locations. Your wedding photos will help you remember the location, the people, and the love you felt on your wedding day. In this guide, we’ll help you plan a destination wedding that will result in both an incredible experience and the wedding photos to remember it by.

We’ll share some of our favorite destination wedding locations and other tips we’ve picked up as destination wedding photographers.

destination wedding photographer

Adventurous Destination Wedding Planning Guide

A destination wedding is first and foremost an adventure. It’s taking your special day out of your comfort zone, your hometown, and maybe even your country. We’ve followed couples to France, Mexico, and numerous National Parks here in western Colorado.

Whether you plan to walk, fly, or sail to your wedding destination, this guide will help you have an amazing experience complete with epic wedding photography.

Let’s start by asking why you might be interested in having a wedding somewhere unique!

What is a destination wedding?

What is a destination wedding? Destination weddings are about love, exploration, and of course the destination. It is when the couple or guests travel to a location to celebrate kicking off the marriage.

A destination wedding defined: When a couple recognizes that the wedding day is just the beginning of the adventure that is marriage. Thus, they decide to make the setting of the wedding a destination.

Couples choose a destination wedding for numerous reasons. Perhaps they have a lot of experience traveling and want to share it with their friends and family. Or maybe they want to see the beauty of the world on their big day. Often, couples want epic photos and know that the best portraits require a unique backdrop.

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Destination wedding pros and cons

Let’s talk through the destination wedding pros and cons. Destination weddings mean that you and or your guest have to travel. That’s the main consideration. Does that sound fun to you? Make a pros and cons list and see where you fall.

Traveling can impact prices positively or negatively depending on where you are coming from and where you are going. For example, your destination wedding photographer cost may be higher than in your local town mostly because photographers in popular wedding destinations are in demand. You can find a local photographer but many photographers will also travel with you to your destination.

Having a destination wedding might impact your guest list or your turnout, but don’t count on it. You might have a set of friends and family that feel lucky to travel across the world for your event. Destination weddings often mean dealing with the stress of new experiences or the unknown and unfamiliar.

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How to Get Epic Destination Wedding Photography

If you’re having a destination wedding then chances are good that you want epic photography to capture the background of your love story.

Choose your destination based on your vision for your wedding then look locally at your destination for photographers that fit your style.

Or, look at destination wedding photographers in general to find one that fits your style even if they aren’t based in your selected destination.

Selecting a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding Photography

A wedding destination photographer needs to be a master of location-based wedding photos. Our expertise in traveling to both new and familiar places allows us to capture the uniqueness of your wedding day. In the setting of your choice, we’ll document the love, emotion, and awe.

For your destination wedding photography, we want to focus on your experience. Places allow us to both escape and be grounded in reality. Your wedding should feel like a dream, but the messy real-life crazy story kind with uncontrollables like weather.

A destination wedding photographer might be local to your wedding destination or someone that you bring from somewhere else, the point is that they specialize in capturing couples in the beautiful places they choose to get married. You want a destination wedding photographer who will capture your wedding with the style of photos you like best.

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Need a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding?

Need a photographer for destination wedding adventures? We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife photography team. As adventurous destination wedding photographers, we specialize in capturing couples in the beautiful places they choose to get married.

We met on an ice-climbing trip. That led to a shared passion for photographing the beautiful landscapes we like to explore together. Eventually, we discovered the power of places on love and marriage.

Let us get to know you and meet your loved ones. Take us on a journey physically and emotionally. Let us tell your story with both epic wedding landscape portraits and emotional documentary moments. Contact us here.

Best Locations for a Destination Wedding

The best locations for a destination wedding will vary from couple to couple. You may want to find somewhere that is an adventure to get to, but not too much trouble for your guests. Most of all, you want a setting that inspires you as the backdrop of your love story.

When you think about the location consider the backdrop for your ceremony but also the experience of the overall event. What type of accommodations do you envision and what activities will your guest do over the weekend? Is it a quaint town in Italy or a relaxing beach in California?

Below are some favorite locations from a destination wedding photographer who’s had the opportunity to photograph weddings in numerous locations. From YosemiteZion, and Rocky Mountain National Parks to the castles of France, we want to help celebrate.

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Destination Wedding Colorado

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Colorado, you might be dreaming of epic mountain views and romantic ski towns. Colorado has epic mountain views and wilderness located in fun mountain towns. It’s a great combination of adventure and cozy.

Below are location guides for Colorado weddings and some sample weddings from a Colorado wedding photographer. (Me!)

Location Guides

Beautiful Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues

Evergreen Colorado Wedding Guide

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Guide

Vail Wedding Guide

Breckenridge Wedding Guide

Sample Weddings

Telluride Colorado Wedding

Crested Butte Destination Wedding

Winter Park Intimate Wedding

destination wedding in the mountains

California Destination Wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding in California you might be hoping for a sunny beach or one of the states stunning national parks. We used to live in California and photographed weddings up and down the coastline as well as throughout the Sierra Nevada mountain range. California has a lot to offer couples seeking a unique destination wedding experience.

Below is a Yosemite wedding guide and a few other sample weddings from an experienced California wedding photographer (even though we are now based in Colorado.)

Yosemite Wedding Guide

Intimate Sequoia Wedding

San Luis Obispo Central California Wedding

California Redwoods Wedding

Sunrise Zion National Park Elopement

Utah Destination Wedding

Speaking of National Parks, Utah makes for an amazing destination wedding location. Utilize the expertise of a destination wedding photographer. Our ability to scout and see a place with fresh eyes whether it’s somewhere we’ve been before or somewhere new.

Below is our Zion wedding guide and some sample weddings.

Zion National Park Wedding Guide

Sample Zion National Park Elopement

Sample Wedding at Zion National Park

More Destination Wedding Photography Tips

  • Choose the right location to suit your vision.
  • Use simple touches like choosing the right wording for your vows or invitations
  • Select the right photographer to tell your story.
  • Make sure you plan time for portraits and to capture the story of the experience

Check out our less common tips for your destination wedding in the mountains. Or more generally, 5 tips for your destination wedding. Or get specific and check out these tips for planning a destination wedding in Colorado.

Better yet, reach out and let’s start talking about your destination wedding photography or ! We can help you with things like figuring out the rules of a National Park wedding or where the sun will set on your wedding venue.

There is so much to delight destination wedding photographers!

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We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife photography team specializing in mountain wedding photography and other adventures.

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