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Tips from Breckenridge Wedding Photographers

Are you looking for a Breckenridge wedding photographer? We’re a husband and wife team specializing in capturing adventurous couples in the beautiful places they choose to get married. In the Breckenridge wedding planning guide below, we’ll discuss tips and tricks for planning your wedding in the mountain town based on over a decade of experience photographing weddings.

Additionally, we share our favorite Breckenridge Colorado wedding venues and recent pictures from adventurous Breckenridge weddings. Be sure to contact us to check if we have your wedding date available.

Whether you’re trying to decide if Breckenridge is the right wedding destination for you or ready to plan your big day, dive into this Breckenridge wedding guide!

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Breckenridge Wedding Photography Guide

In the Breckenridge wedding photography guide, we’ll start by walking you through reasons why you might want to get married in Breckenridge beyond the snow capped mountains. I use our years of experience as a mountain destination wedding photographer based in Colorado to guide you.

Summit County is a popular wedding destination and for good reason. Nothing beats the views of the Colorado Rockies. You’ll love the breathtaking beauty.

Getting married in Breckenridge, CO is one step towards an unforgettable wedding. Whether your goal is to get married at a ski resort or make your wedding a true mountain retreat, Breck has you covered.

Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge Photos Mountain View
breckenridge elopement photography

Reasons to Get Married in Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado is a great place to visit in general. Skiing, hiking, exploring, and even getting married surrounded by the mountains are all great reasons to visit Breck. You’ll find yourself exploring mountain views, fall colors, and the vibrant town.

Because of that, weddings in Breckenridge CO have something for everyone. Your guests will love the convenience and cuteness of the town mixed with the adventure of the mountains. And there are ample beautiful backdrops for your Breckenridge wedding photographers to tell the story of your big day.

Celebrate your love under or even on a mountain-top. Check out our popular post that answers the very question: Can I get married on a mountain? Hint: the answer is yes.

Sevens Breckenridge Wedding Portraits with Mountain Views

Top Reasons for a Breckenridge Wedding:

  • Great mix of comfort and adventure

  • Fun town for activities, shopping, eating

  • Great views for the backdrop for your day

  • Experienced venues (read ahead for our favorites)

  • Only 2 hours from Denver International Airport

Planning for Your Breckenridge Engagement Photos

If you’re early in the wedding planning stages, you can start by having your engagement photos in Breckenridge to give yourselves an idea of what the town has to offer for your wedding. Breckenridge is a great balance of stunning wilderness and a cute mountain town. It’s nice to feel like you’re away in the mountains while still having the convenience and fun of a town.

Sometimes we even start our Breckenridge engagement sessions with a beverage somewhere like the Canteen Tap House. Watch out, their drinks are sure to have you feeling extra confident. From there, there are numerous trails and passes to venture to for stunning mountain views away from the crowds.

Whether you’re getting married in the stunning mountain town or not, Breckenridge engagement photos are a great way to celebrate your love. There are a lot of easy-to-access locations with epic views, as well as some harder-to-access spots if that’s more your thing. Engagement photos are a fun part of the wedding planning process and Breckenridge is a great spot for a memorable kick-off.

Breckenridge Engagement Photography Flower Meadow
Breckenridge Engagement Photography Alpine Tundra

Achieving Epic Breckenridge Elopement Photography

Maybe you’re not planning a big mountain wedding but rather an intimate elopement in the Rocky Mountains. The same things that make the town great for engagement photos make it perfect for your Breckenridge elopement photography. Imagine great views, excellent access, and somewhere awesome to celebrate afterward.

What I love about Breckenridge elopements is that there are a lot of great spots to get away for some privacy. But you don’t have to go far from the comfort of the town. It makes for a fun wedding weekend of both love and adventure.

The benefit of an elopement (in this Breckenridge elopement photographer’s opinion) is that there is no time pressure. Therefore, you can make your elopement day schedule all about beauty and light resulting in epic photos. Can you say sunset elopement, anyone?!

Breckenridge Colorado Elopement

Planning a Breckenridge Wedding with Epic Photography

It’s time to dive into some more nitty-gritty wedding planning. As I alluded to above, I’m speaking from a photographer’s point of view so these tips will help you make sure you have great photos. Leave it to your venue or caterer to make sure you have great food and your top two priorities are taken care of.

Or are they? That’s step one in your planning process. Take the time to decide what your priorities are and use that to help in your wedding planning process.

Download our free guide on how to prioritize your planning so that your wedding is a memorable adventure. Once you have your priorities straight, let’s dive in.

Colorado Sunrise Elopement Black Powder Pass Breckenridge

Timing for Your Breckenridge Wedding Photography

When it comes to getting the best photography for your Breckenridge weddings it’s all about timing. That means picking the right season and picking the right time of day. Do you want a winter wonderland, fall colors, or summer wildflowers?

From there, we suggest timing things around sunrise or sunset when the light is beautiful and the locations are less crowded. Sometimes the timing of everything is dictated by the wedding venue but the top venues (see below) understand the importance of epic photography. If you’re eloping or have a small guest list, we can help you find a secluded spot, especially if you’re willing to hike a little.

You can even have a winter wedding in Breckenridge as there are great ways to combine snow sports, cozy fireplaces, and whiskey from Breckenridge Distillery.

Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge

The Right Spots for Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to wedding photography, location-specific knowledge is invaluable. Breckenridge is a stunning destination with breathtaking landscapes, and a photographer who is familiar with the area will know the best spots for capturing stunning shots.

Your photographer will have a deep understanding of the unique lighting conditions, the best angles, and the hidden gems that make Breckenridge so special. They can take you to picturesque locations that perfectly complement your wedding theme and create a visual story that reflects the beauty of the surroundings. You want a stunning backdrop to be the setting of your love story.

Depending on your wedding venue, there might be great photo locations on site or you might want to plan some time for a first look somewhere special. It’s worth the extra thought towards the timeline. to make the most of your mountain wedding in Summit County.

Top Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Venues

It’s time to talk about wedding venues. There are a ton of wedding venues in Breckenridge which is part of what makes it a great wedding destination. You’ll want to find the wedding venues that best fit your vibe and then narrow it down based on your group size and other priorities.

Below are some of my favorite wedding venues but some of my favorite weddings in Breckenridge CO have had ceremony somewhere other than the venue itself. Be sure to contact us for help with your vision (sometimes I double as a wedding planner by giving our couples location tips based on over a decade of experience.)

10 Mile Station

Ten Mile Station has got to be one of my favorite wedding venues at Breckenridge Ski Resort because of the stunning backdrop. You’ll love the historic charm of the building and the amazing views from the ceremony site.

Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge Photos
Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge Photos Mountain View

The Sevens

The Sevens at Breck is another one of my favorite wedding venues due to its location on the ski resort. It’s a smaller venue so a smaller crowd but a picture-perfect place if you always envisioned a ski resort wedding.

Sevens Breckenridge Wedding Reception Dance Party
the sevens Breckenridge wedding photography

The Breckenridge Nordic Center

The Breckenridge Nordic Center is another great option for your Breckenridge wedding venue. Nothing says mountain wedding like a quant lodge at a Nordic center.

cozy colorado mountain wedding
Breckenridge Nordic Center Wedding

Main Street Station

While I’m not a big ballroom wedding person, Main Street Station fits the needs of some couples and the location can’t be beat.

Main Street Station Breckenridge Wedding

Silverthorne Pavilion

There are a variety of options of where to stay and what to do making any of these Breckenridge venues a great choice!

Silverthorne Pavillion Wedding dancing

Twin Eagles Lodge

Check out the Twin Eagles Lodge! What a beautiful intimate spot to say I do.

Twin Eagles Lodge Breckenridge Wedding

Final Tips from these Breckenridge Wedding Photographers

As Colorado mountain wedding photographers we love watching our clients and their guests experience all that Breckenridge has to offer. If you are coming from out of town it’s important to know that a wedding in the Colorado mountains requires you to be prepared. Below are a few final tips to help with your destination wedding in the Rocky Mountains.


Consequently, the weather can change at a moment’s notice so it’s important to dress in layers. Regardless of the time of year, you’ll want to be prepared for seasons to change throughout the day. Have a plan for rain, snow, and sun.


Breckenridge weddings are a choose-your-own-adventure type of thing. If you want, you can stand on a mountain top but you might have to get your dress dirty and bring a change of shoes. Throw some extra hairspray on because it’ll probably be windy up there at your mountain wedding too!


Also, the altitude can cause problems if you don’t remember to drink enough water or drink a little less alcohol than usual. Often, it can be helpful for guests who might have problems with the altitude to arrive early to get adjusted. Give your guests a heads up to be on the lookout for feeling the impacts of altitude.

Beyond the Wedding

There is plenty to do in Breckenridge so bring your hiking shoes, fishing poles, and window shopping skills for the quaint yet vibrant downtown.

One of our best recommendations is to hire a great planner like Erica Sarell or Snapdragons Celebrations to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Summer Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge Wildflower Portraits

Sample Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Check out these beautiful photography of Breckenridge CO! Our goal as a Breckenridge photographer is to make our couples feel comfortable.

more on wedding planning:

Thanks for stopping by the blog for some tips on choosing that destination wedding location. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice, as a wedding photographer based in Colorado, I often act as tour guides for our couples love story. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture beautiful photographs of heartfelt emotions of your wedding in Breckenridge Colorado.

Need more planning advice for your special day?

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