How to Find Wedding Vendors that Fit Your Style

Today we’re talking about how to find wedding vendors that fit your style. If you don’t already have a venue, hop on back to our last post on finding a wedding venue to fit your style. Your venue is often the first vendor on your list since it will often indicate your wedding date and kick off the rest of your planning. Once you set a date your first question for the rest of your wedding vendors will be, “are you available on my wedding date?” That aside, let’s start the same way we did with your venue and talk about defining your style. If you haven’t worked through that step our our previous post, be sure to check it out. Once you have an idea of what type of wedding you want, that will help you pick the rest of your vendors too. If your wedding is going to be fun and casual, you’ll want your wedding vendors to fit in with that. If your wedding is romantic and elegant, you’ll want the things to select to complement that.

With your style in mind, it’s time to begin your search!

start with the three r’s: recommendations, referrals, and reviews

Ask your friends, family, and any vendors you’ve already selected for recommendations and referrals. If someone has personal experience with a vendor that’s easier to trust than a website. From there, as you search, be sure to pay attention to reviews. Check facebook, google, yelp, and even the reviews on vendor’s own websites to see what past clients are saying about them.

initiate contact with potential wedding vendors

If you like the website, the reviews, and the samples of their work then reach out. It’s important to get to the person behind the mask. Start with an e-mail or phone call, whichever makes you more comfortable, and get a sense for how the vendor communicates. How responsive are they? How interested in you are they? How hard or easy to communicate with are they? From there, meet them. If you can’t meet in person, set up a time to video chat. I talk more about this in our post on Destination Weddings but I believe video chat is an awesome tool that you should take advantage of during wedding planning. Getting to know the person is as important as getting to know their work. Say you love a wedding planner’s website and their style but then you meet them and can’t stand their personality. How are you going to plan your wedding along side them. If there’s a bridal show in your area, that’s a great way to meet a lot of vendors in person with one trip. Know that they’re talking to hundred of brides so they may not be as personable as in a one-on-one meeting but you can still get an idea of who they are.

in summary:

You want wedding vendors that compliment your style both in their work and how they interact.

Simple enough?! It’s a short list but packed with what is important! As my yoga teacher says, news you can use.

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We hope the information above helped you think about how to find your perfect wedding vendors to go with your perfect wedding venue from our last advice post. Find more wedding photography advice posts to assist in your wedding planning. Next time we’ll discuss managing wedding stress. If there are questions you have or tips you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch or comment below with how we can help!

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