abcs of adventure

by the Bergreens

Get ready for adventure!

This beautiful hardcover adventure picture book takes you through the alphabet in a whole new and exciting way. ABC words of nature and adventure accompanied by inspirational photography and playful sketches will leave the reader ready to tackle new horizons with an adventurous vocabulary. (Hint, not just for preschoolers, this book will inspire the adventurer in all of us!)


your new favorite abcs book

The search for an educational and adventurous alphabet book to inspire children is over. This children’s book is for the teachers and students, the parents and littles, preschoolers and older kids, the adventurers and creatives. When I became a mom to a young boy and girl, I knew I wanted to raise Adventurous, Brave, and Creative children and this book (ABCs of Adventure) was born.

The experience of reading a story can encourage us to explore, create, and discover. When we close the cover we find that we both learned and grew. From the pages of a good book, we can have an adventure together and soak up the beauty of life and the natural world.

Adventure books like this are so much fun. When reading aloud, young readers will benefit from the variety of big adventure vocabulary. They’ll love both reading and exploring because with both they can discover new adventures, ideas, and windows into the world.

abcs of adventure

the best adventure picture book

ABCs of Adventure is the best adventure picture book filled with awesome full page images combined with playful sketches. You and your child will love the excellent quality printing of adventurous landscape images that help you connect with nature. There’s an endless quantity of ABCs books to teach you the alphabet, our goal was to create a quality work of art.

This picture book makes a great gift and is an ABC book that both children and parents will absolutely love. I’ve been blown away by the support for our Kickstarter campaign and customer reviews saying they absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to get this into more little hands so they can learn letters in a fun way.

As you use this adventurous picture book to search and navigate through the outdoor world, your mind will enjoy roaming the wilderness while you say ABC. A is definitely not just for Apple. If you know a child that loves books, let them make room on their bookshelf for titles such as this one! It’s perfect for learning the alphabet with an extra touch of adventure.

the importance of adventure children’s books

ABCs of Adventure isn’t a baby board book, it’s an amazing hardcover high-quality picture book for adventurous children of all ages. It’s for your baby and your husband, anyone who wants to learn why we do hard things. Hard things make us stronger.

Whether you’re learning your ABCs or just looking for some adventurous inspiration, this book goes beyond “A is for apple.” Don’t get me wrong, I love a good apple but reading should take us on an adventure outside of our comfort zone. When I think about the lessons I want to teach my kids, I want them to know that failure is ok and challenges are rewarding.

Adventure has so much to teach us, as does nature. That’s why I’m passionate about getting this ABCS picture book into your hands. Adventurous minds are creative minds, flexible and open minds. Read more adventure books to your 3 year old and your 6 year olds and watch them grow up more: Adventurous, Brave, and Creative! ABC!

adventure kids book launch abcs

aBCs of adventure

written and illustrated by the Bergreens (parents who have two children who love reading stories and going on adventures)

Fun for kids and adults

This book takes our family on such a fun journey with every read. I love gazing at the photography while playing through the brilliant alliteration in each page. The kids are captivated by the images and have new words in their vocabulary! Every read sparks more questions about the adventurer, the gear, and the destinations. This one is a keeper.

Beautiful outdoor photos for kids

Not sure why all of our kids books are drawings. The real world is much more interesting.

We love being able to go through the the ABC in this visual way and introduce our kids to the great outdoors.

Highly recommend!

Wonderful images and educational text!

This book will not only teach the ABCs but inspire kiddos to get outside and enjoy the wonders of nature and adventure! It’s illustrated with stunning photos and sweet drawings, that make a winning combination for all ages to enjoy. As a speech-pathologist, I love the thoughtful alliterations, filled with vocabulary that is rich and varied. This is a gem of a book that will inspire both young children and adults to get off the couch and go on an adventure!

Great ABC Book

I love that each page uses fun outdoor phrases that feature the letter of the alphabet, this is not a boring children’s book! The drawings paired with the photographs inspires imagination for the outdoors.

Clever and Beautiful

Extremely fun to read to our little girl. Super creative and the pictures are darling. We’re going to wear this one out.

get ready for adventure!

This beautifully photographed and illustrated book is a wonderful starting point for the next generation of outdoor adventurers!

Beautiful photos, fun scenes, and creative

This is such a fun ABC book! The photos are gorgeous, the integrated drawings are clever, and perhaps most useful for kids: you can anticipate the next letter of the alphabet thanks to the integration of circled letters.

fun and beautiful book

What a fun and beautiful book! The words and imagery are fantastic. This book is perfect for ALL ages!

Creative and stimulating for all ages

I love the photography and graphics. Each page draws on the imagination.
Excellent for outdoor adventures at any age.

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