another word for creativity

Another Word for Creativity (and why there’s not a better one)

We want to understand human creativity more completely, we want to know more about it. Creativity is this seemingly fluid thing that we have a hard time grabbing ahold of, we have a hard time pinning it down and trapping it. That’s the thing with words, isn’t it? That’s why the knowledge and ability to find another word for creativity is so hard, even a nearby word.

another word for creativity

Understanding creativity is hard because of its very definition. Creativity is the ability to create something. It is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work. Creativity means making new connections, solving problems in a new way, seeing new patterns, discovering new things, or creating something new.

We have the creative ability but have a hard time using it for some reason. And unless we can finish a painting or bring our idea to life, we don’t see ourselves as creative. Words, words, words!

whats another word for creativity

If you just want more words for creativity, a synonym for creative, here are a few similar words: Originality, imagination, inspiration, inventiveness, resourcefulness, innovation, vision, ingenuity, cleverness and uniqueness. Those are just a few synonyms for creativity…. beautiful words for creativity. Can you think of other words related to creativity, creative synonyms, perhaps similar words that express the feeling, like flow!

Take any of those similar creativity synonym words and substitute them for creativity. But somehow when we say “wow, that girl is full of imagination” it’s not quite the same as saying that she has a lot of creativity. It’s like trying to find another word for creative thinking… I’m thinking about it, really I am!

None of these related words seem to encompass creativity for me. The creative synonyms isn’t as good as the original. Those nearby words, like cleverness, seem like precursors to creativity. We have an original idea or an imaginative idea but creativity means we have to do something. Creativity is something we use, not just something we have.

another word for creativityexpectations of creativity

What if we applied that to all of the other ideas? You don’t have a vision unless you act on it and become a visionary. You don’t have originality or inspiration until you use it. We don’t seem to put the same pressure on being imaginative as we do on being creative.

Think of other ways to say “create,” such as: birth, bring into being, make, and put together. All of those related words describe a creative process and not necessarily an easy one. Creativeness is more than putting a puzzle together, even if you don’t let yourself look at the picture. It’s more than seeing how things fit, it’s finding a new way for them to fit.

And yet, it’s not as complicated as we pretend. You’re the puzzle maker, you can decide how the pieces fit. So often we define ourselves as creative or not creative, like it’s an ability.

what i really think about creativity

Let me stop trying to write what I think you want to hear about creative words. What are my real thoughts on creativity?

I want to use my creativity. Nothing rings truer than the idea of a Creative Calling (Chase Jarvis) or that “unused creativity is toxic.” (the ingenious Brene Brown) If we have something we’re meant to be doing, if we have something stuck inside of us waiting to emerge, then letting that thing out is creativity.

That’s why it seems like creativity is akin to inspiration. We think of it as art and that some of us are inspired more than others. I don’t know if that’s true because I don’t know you or what’s in your heart.

I have the ability and desire to create and it’s burning. I’m like the little kid in class with her hand up in the air waving it because I really want to be picked. I can’t sit still, I can’t be patient, I can’t follow directions, I just want to create.

another word for creativity

what do you think? what is creativity to you?

Do you need more words related to creativity? Another word for design? What does creativity mean to you? Do you have more words to add?

If you have some unique words for creative, or even some different words for creative…. well that would be creative. It certainly can’t be as hard as it is to create imaginary friends or create highly engaging stories.

Or maybe you need another word for calmly instead. Related words include peacefully, serenely, patiently, quietly. Human creativity is something you can pursue calmly, by being peaceful and patient. It’s also something you can pursue by tapping into your emotions and using them to help you grow. Or another word for processing, as in, I’m still processing this blog post.

It’s time to flex your creativity muscle, use that ingenuity and inventiveness, explore creative thought, and dive into your imagination!

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