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Finding Home | Our Move to Colorado Part 1

Over the next couple of blog posts we’re going to walk through our move to Colorado.

Being self-employed, moving wasn’t as easy as finding and starting a new job. Although, we did toy with the idea of taking that route. We spent some time trying to decide which of us was going to get a “real” job while the other rebuilt our photography business. Eventually we realized our business would grow faster if we both continued to work for it. We also realized that neither of us wanted to give up what we had. The question was, could we have it all? Don’t get me wrong, every choice in life requires sacrifices. We all have to ask ourselves what our priorities are and what we’re willing to do for them.

A lot of things start out as dreams. Sometimes it takes awhile to believe it’s possible. But once action is taken, momentum builds, and dreams can become reality.

our move to colorado


Sometime in 2015 we realized it was time to get up and move again. We were talking about starting a family and growing our business. The subject of where we wanted to live came up and we knew we wanted to live somewhere that would be both good for our us and our work. We had a dream of living in the mountains where we could hike out our backdoor. We had a dream of continuing to photograph and explore beautiful places. There were a few leading contenders such as Tahoe, San Luis Obispo, and Colorado. Nothing was off the table as we had recently visited Montana and Idaho and could picture ourselves there too. The challenge was figuring out how to move ourselves and our business. I can clearly remember not knowing what the future held. As we starting thinking about it more, the move to Colorado slowly became a reality.


Similarly to any big change in life, the hardest part is believing it’s possible. I remember wanting to quit my job but thinking, “I can’t.” I remember wanting to start a photography business and thinking, “We can’t.” I remember wanting both of us to be full time photographers and saying, “It’s not possible.” Once we changed our thinking and our self-talk, we started to see ways of making things happen. The same thing happened with moving. Once we decided we were going to figure out how to make it so, things started to shake loose.


In August of that year we visited my brother and his family in Boulder. We were on a Colorado road trip planned around my childhood best friends wedding. Every time we visited we would take their dog for a walk, admire the views of the Rockies, and daydream about living there. This time it was something we were actually considering. We were brainstorming with them one night, probably over a bottle of wine, and my brother nonchalantly mentioned that we could always stay with them for awhile if we needed to transition. I’m not 100% sure he knew what we was saying but it was pretty much decided. After all, living in a place that inspires us and also happens to have a support system for us seemed like a dream.

Now that dream is a reality. It just took believing it was possible and a little action to move us in the right direction. Now we sit in our new home in Evergreen, CO. We’re surrounded by awesome hiking trails and mountain views. Our daughter gets to grow up near her cousins and we get to be Rocky Mountain wedding photographers!

Getting to this point was a process and the decision was only part 1, we spent a good part of 2016 on the road. We lived with friends, family, and in a camper. We were all over the west. Be sure to stay tuned for part 2 of our move to Colorado!

move to colorado

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