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Photography and Creativity Reading List Recommendations

Below I’ve compiled our reading list recommendations for creators, photographers, and entrepreneurs. Being self-employed means continual learning on subjects from creativity, mindset, behavior, attitude, business, marketing, and money. I’ve put together our favorites in each category below.

When we started our business and our journey into entrepreneurship, one of the things we need most was support and inspiration. We were making a big change, taking a leap, and climbing a mountain we had never seen before. A few friends came out of the woodwork to really be our cheerleaders. There have even been a few mentor-types that have given us strength and ideas.

One of the main disadvantages though, to starting your own business, is that you are alone. There is no team, no co-workers, no one that is obligated to help you, train you, or teach you. There is no boss or manager to ask for the answers or for feedback. So we had to find some teachers and set some goals.

Books for Creative Entrepreneurs

One of our goals, one that we’ve been successful at, has been to read more books. It’s made a big difference in our ability to continually learn and grow.

Some mornings, if I’m not feeling motivated it’s best to start the day with a little motivation. I make a cup of coffee, get comfy, and get my inspiration on.

creativity reading list reccomendations

Our Reading List Recommendations by Category

Best Books for Inspiring Creativity:

Creative entrepreneurs need constant inspiration in order to battle self-doubt in the everyday running of a business.

photography books

must read photography books for beginners:

Below are my must read photography books for beginners. From photography skills to business skills, these photography books for beginners helped us on our journey to becoming creative entrepreneurs.

books for mindset and behavior:

Once you’ve read all the photography books for beginners above, you still need practical tips to overcome self doubt. From goal setting to developing good habits, your mindset and daily actions are keys to succeed as a creative entrepreneur.

books on stress and health

Whether you want to believe it or not, your health if a game changer for working smarter. Being a creative entrepreneur can be stressful so it’s important to have a plan for dealing with stress and taking care of yourself.

best books on finding your calling:

There is something about entrepreneurship that makes us care about things like meaning, purpose, and calling. Part of being successful is being on the right path with your creative business. These books are great if your’re just getting started with your small businesses or are looking at where you are.

creative entrepreneur books

business books every entrepreneur should read:

Even though we think operating a creative business is all about creative, it’s actually a lot about business too. Your business development requires that you look at what the industry experts are saying even if you think they’re talking to businesses that are bigger than yours. Creative entrepreneurs can benefit from tips from any industry.

best books to read on money:

This is the last section but it might just be the most important (even if it doesn’t feel that creative.) Your creative business needs to make money so that you can be sustainable and successful. You need to learn accounting and budget and you might even need to change your relationship to money.

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Thanks for checking our our reading list recommendations. What’d I miss?! Let me know if you have any favorite books because I’d love to read them. Whether marketing or money, keep learning!

I really hope these recommendations help move your creative business forward towards your ideal future.

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