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3 ways we’re kicking off 2017 | new year new adventures

Here we sit, one week into 2017. New year new adventures! Often this is when the excitement of resolutions made at midnight starts to fade and the reality of how hard it is to actually change anything hits. Luckily for me, I was in bed well before midnight and therefore made my resolutions on New Years Day with a full belly and a cup of coffee… decaf, but still. Beyond just resolutions for weight loss, which I’m sure to win when this baby comes in February, we set goals for our business and personal life and got organized in order to accomplish them. We updated the chore list that sits on our fridge, the daily task list that hangs in our office, and investigated a few apps that might make life a little easier. Planning meals and grocery shopping has always been a struggle but spending some time finding a better way to do it might just increase likelihood of success. Below are 3 ways we’re kicking off 2017, we’d love to hear yours!

new year new adventures
new year new adventures

1. looking back to look forward
Some inspirational friends of ours gave us the idea to reflect on the past year in order to game plan for the coming one. What if we took the time to look back on the different things we did over the year and reflect on them. We could evaluate them in a variety of ways: how much we enjoyed them, how much they impacted our lives or the lives of others, and whether we would do them again. Such an evaluation could be used to determine what types of things we want to do in the coming year. As we experienced this year, time goes by quickly so let’s use the time we have well.

2. growth instead of change, learning instead of stress
My belly is growing, our family is growing, our business is growing. Growth is generally a good thing and has a more positive connotation than change. We have definitely experienced a lot of changes/growth lately from our travels, moving, and now expecting baby Bergreen. A lot of the couples we work with are going through big life transitions as well. Sometimes they’re not only getting married but starting new jobs or relocating. Stress can often accompany these transition periods in life, perhaps it is unavoidable and that’s why we tend to focus on it so much. What if instead we could focus on something else that usually comes with times like this? Learning. Reframing change and stress to focus on how we can grow and learn might just help us embrace the new adventures of the new year with gratitude.

3. making new habits to break old ones
It’s easy to think about bad habits of years past that we would prefer not to bring into the coming year. It’s much hard to actually do anything about it. I do think that it’s much easier to create new habits, positive ones, and allow them to couteract the bad. When we start a healthy exercise routine, for example, sometimes it extends into other aspects of our life such as lifting our mood and causing us to eat healthier. Check out a habit app like Habit List or Habit Bull.

new year new adventures

That’s what we’ve got, I guess we’ll see how it goes! Cheers and Happy New Year & New Adventures!

We hope the thoughts above helped give you some ideas, food for thought, or at least reminded you to be intentional with your time. As we learn every year, time sure flies and the year will speed by before we know it. Be sure to view more building a life posts to see what we’re up to, what we’re learning, and what’s helping us build a life and a business we love.

As always, thanks for stopping by the Bergreen Blog. You presence means the world to us! Hope you are enjoying 2017 so far and look forward to what we have in store for you. We’re getting more committed… to our blog, our newsletter, and YOU! So keep stopping by and sign-up below to be kept in the know.

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