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3 Tricks for Planning a Remote Wedding in a Wilderness Location

In our last wedding photography advice post we discussed tips for planning a destination wedding. The adventurous couples we work with are often not only planning a destination wedding but also one in the wilderness which can mean planning for remote locations.

It’s poetic to want to get off-the-grid and away from it all for your wedding day, just don’t forget that people need to eat. It can be a tricky balance to keep things simple and natural while also throwing the type of party you want to commemorate your wedding day.

Our amazing couples have conquered these challenges in a variety of unique and successful ways. We’ve learned a lot from brides that are master planners as well as brides that know the art of keeping things simple.

On the one extreme a multi-day camping wedding adventure and on the other a gorgeous elopement where hiring a photographer was the only traditional thing the couple did.

Here are the top 3 tricks we’ve learned from our clients on remote weddings in wilderness locations.remote wedding zion national park

Planning a Remote wedding in a Wilderness Location

1. Utilize your village

A remote wedding has a lot of moving parts and the best way to conquer them is to delegate. Decide which of your friends don’t mind helping out and entrust them with a job. And really trust them with it.

Make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything and everyone, check in to make sure people are on top of their jobs, and don’t forget that many hands make light work.

Here are just a few things you’ll have to consider: transportation, tents, a water source, an electricity source or generator, lighting (because the wilderness gets really dark), bathrooms (more than you think you’ll need), showers (if it’s a multi-day event), a caterer and other vendors that can handle the location challenges, multiple meals since guests don’t have access to other food, lots of ice to keep the beer cold.

The only thing easier is simplifying your wedding to only the essentials which might mean just a bride, a groom, and your photographers.

2. Choose Your Commitment Level

As we discussed above, there are a lot of details that can add up when you’re planning a remote wedding. Most of them are attributed to the reception and your ability to provide food, shelter, and comfort for your guests.

We have seen couples decide to compromise by having a remote ceremony with a smaller guest list and follow that with a more traditional reception. We’ve also seen an entire multi-day wedding in which the majority of the guests were camping for the weekend. There are many options in between and before you get too deep into the planning that’s an important conversation to have.

3. Prepare Your Guests

Will your guests have cell reception? Will they be able to wear high-heels or do they need flats? What will the weather be like?

Making sure everyone has fun is a matter of setting expectations and making them as comfortable as possible. If all of your guests aren’t used to being in the wilderness help them out with a checklist to ensure they are prepared.

Packing for a remote wedding is different than a traditional one when you might not be able to find a place to warm up. You can also help them out by providing some of the essential things they might have forgotten such as bug spray, sunscreen, flashlights, and water.

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remote wedding lassen national park

We hope the tips above helped give you some ideas for planning your remote wedding in a wilderness location. Be sure to view more wedding photography advice posts and let us know what questions you have that we can help answer. Stay tuned for tips on finding vendors and venues that fit your style as well as wisdom on surviving wedding stress.

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