Can You Get Married on a Mountain?

Soon after you get engaged you start daydreaming about the wedding. You ask yourself questions like, “Can you get married on a mountain?” If this sounds like you then this post will help you overcome the challenges of getting married on a mountain.

The answer is YES, and here’s how!

I wrote a similar post for Mountainside Bride that you might want to check out. It addresses some of the challenges of getting married on a mountain with creative solutions. There are ideas for compromise and alternatives that will help you get some of the experience you want.

can you get married on a mountain?

What’s stopping you? Is it finding a mountain that you can get married on? (Easily solved.) Or is it leaving behind the non-mountain climbers on your guest list.

Yes, I just answered a question with a question. However, sometimes that’s what we have to do. Because once you figure out what’s stopping you from getting married on a mountain, you can start making plans to make it happen.

I will start by telling you that yes, you can get married on a mountain. Of course, there are some challenges involved. It might be harder to access, require some extra preparation, and force some compromise.

It boils down to finding the right mountain and planning your route up it!

here’s how to get married in the mountains in 3 simple steps:

can you get married on a mountain

step 1: finding the right mountain

(rugged and remote or developed and glamorous?)

When you picture getting married on a mountain, what does that mean? There I go again, asking you questions in order to help with the answers you’re here to find. But really, is it rugged and remote or developed and glamorous?

If you’re looking for something rugged and remote you’ll probably be looking in National Parks, Forests, or on BLM land. Meanwhile, for the developed and glamorous types, you’ll be wanting an adorable ski town.

Some National Parks give very clear guidelines for when, where, and how to get married in or on their mountains. Check out these details from Rocky Mountain National Park. It explains the permit process as well as all of the rules. Most National Parks have a webpage like this to help you through the process.

In the National Parks, it’s popular with our couples to plan a ceremony in one location followed by a portrait session somewhere harder to access. This frees us up to take the couple somewhere that grandma might not go.

Interested in something with less rules and regulations? Look for National Forest or BLM options. They might be more rugged but they might also be less crowded.

Lastly, check out ski towns. Resorts often have weddings on-site during the summer (and maybe even winter) season. This is probably your best bet if you’re looking for a more traditional wedding venue on a mountain.

examples of locations choices couples getting married in the mountains

National Parks: (more focused on adventure)

Check out this Yosemite Taft Point adventure session. That couple, Kelli and Allan, got married near Sequoia National Park the previous day. We did some sunrise Sequoia wedding portraits with them as well, it was fairy free and adventurous.

Here’s an example of some Rocky Mountain National Park wedding photography and a Zion National Park elopement. Both couples had small ceremonies with their families. Then they headed out to explore the park for some portraits.

can you get married on a mountain

Ski Resorts: (balance of adventurous and traditional)

Breckenridge, for example, has a few on-mountain wedding venue options. Ashley and Beau had their Breckenridge wedding at The Sevens. Similarly, Amye and Sam had their Breckenridge wedding at TenMile Station.

Keith does ski patrol in the winter. In the summer he married Libby at the ski resort! The guests rode the chair lift up for the ceremony and we drove even higher for some portraits. Check out their China Peak mountain wedding photography.

step 2: plan your route

(how will you marry on a mountain?)

Does getting married on a mountain mean climbing it? Or are you interesting in finding one with a gondola or 4WD road to the top? Perhaps you seek a traditional wedding venue on a mountain.

More questions!

How high on the mountain do you want to be? Are you thinking tip top or just somewhere with an epic view? You have all of these options and more.

examples of the priorities of couples getting married in the mountains

accessible yet still adventurous

Check out Mary and Taylor’s Sapphire Point wedding. In November, Colorado weather can be variable. Therefore, these two chose a spot with great views that would be accessible no matter what the snow did.

access via gondola yet still adventurous

Jessica and Dale had a fall Vail wedding deck elopement. We took a gondola ride to the summit during a lag in a rainstorm!

The difficulty of the access will dictate the size of the guest list. You might want to check with your VIPs before committing to a plan but stay true to yourselves. It is your wedding after all.

traditional wedding venue in a mountainous setting

Adam and Heather’s Camp Hale wedding photography will show you a good example of compromise. Camp Hale has a stunning wedding venue in the mountains. They exchange vows high up on the mountains and had a more formal ceremony lower down.

step 3: iron out the details of getting married in the mountains

Here’s a checklist:

  1. What type of mountain? Rugged or glamorous?
  2. How will you get there? Difficult access or climbing?
  3. What are your constraints? Grandma, weather, permits?

You might find it helpful to read through this post on The Appeal of Adventure Weddings (and how to plan one). We have a popular post on adventure wedding quotes. Or check out these Mountain Top Wedding Ideas and our Less Common Tips for Your Destination Wedding in the Mountains.

Better yet, contact us and let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams!

can you get married on a mountain

conclusion | getting married in the mountains is both possible and worth it

In conclusion, yes. You can absolutely get married on a mountain big wedding or elopement. You simply need to find the right mountain and plan out your route to the summit. (And then check out our wedding packages.)

Hopefully you found an example that suits you above. If not, reach out! We’re here to help and love assisting couples as they plan their mountain weddings.

If you’re committed, it’s time to get planning. Check out our mountain top wedding ideas as well as less common tips for your destination wedding in the mountains.

Stay tuned for more tips on wedding photography! In the meantime, you can view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice such as our outdoor wedding tips. If there’s a question we can answer, reach out.

We don’t just want to be there for you on your wedding day, we want to be there for you as you plan and prepare. And we want to be there when you celebrate your 10 year anniversary!

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