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Less Common Tips for Your Destination Wedding in the Mountains

Today we’re sharing our less common tips and tricks for planning a destination wedding in the mountains! This is a continuation of our popular post on planning a destination wedding in Colorado. It speaks more specifically to mountain weddings and the adventure that comes along with saying “I do” in the alpine. In previous destination wedding posts I talk a lot about picking the right vendors, managing the budget, and preparing for the weather.

These are all still important tips. However, for mountain lovers who already know the challenges of the being at high altitude I want to go a little deeper and get slightly more specific. Of course, if you need a reminder don’t hesitate to review the last post and make sure you have the essentials covered.

less common tips for your destination wedding in the mountains

remember your why and incorporate it

If you’re planning a destination wedding in the mountains chances are there is a reason. Perhaps you chose the place you met or fell in love, perhaps you want a dramatic backdrop to compliment how you feel, perhaps you seem symbolism in the ups and downs of relationships and life. I’m not here to tell you what your reason is, I’m telling you to remember it.

Then, perhaps more important than keeping it in mind is incorporating it. If you love the solitude of the mountains, maybe you should schedule private vows somewhere secluded before meeting up with your wedding guests. Incorporating those specific and meaningful locations can help tie everything together. Use the mountain theme in your invitations, check out these ideas for your adventure wedding invitation wording. Incorporate nature based readings and quotes into your adventure wedding vows.

We’re big fans of advocating for your experience. We believe that if you plan for the experience you want then everything else falls into place. Your guests will feel what you want them to, your photos will reflect your vision, and you’ll come away from the day feeling as though you’ve kicked off your marriage your way!

destination wedding in the mountains

timing is everything

Maybe we’re a little biased being photographers and all but there is something magical about certain times in the mountains. The quiet of the morning and the alpine glow of sunset make everything else in life disappear. To be alone in the arms of the one you love as the sun sets or rises on another day is the perfect reminder to stay in the present moment.

In addition to time of day, time of year can have an impact on your experience. Do you love cuddling on a snowy day or prefer basking by the lake in mid-summer? Are you a fan of fall colors or wildflowers? Whatever your preference, the seasons and weather in the mountains can both set the mood and create a metaphor for your love.

Everything is always changing, nothing is permanent. Growth, change, and making the best of both are great reminders of how we can weather the challenges of life. Arm in arm with your love, your adventure partner, let the power of the mountains strengthen your bond.

create your environment

Being in the mountains is partly about the power that the environment has on us. The views, the backdrop, and everything from the smallest wildflower can help set the tone for the lessons we learn. When planning your wedding you can both utilize and create your environment.

There are countless choices from campgrounds, state parks, and national parks to hotels, ski resorts, and lodges or cabins. Each option will have a different feel and provide a different level of comfort for you and your guests. When you consider your ceremony, your reception, and any other events you have in mind look into how to make them work for you.

Don’t be limited by traditional standards. We’ve seen picnic receptions. We’ve seen first dances on the mountain top rather than a ballroom. While traditions are nice to give you a starting point, where you go from there is up to you.

destination wedding in the rocky mountains colorado

In review, our “less common” tips for your destination wedding:

  • remember your why and incorporate it
  • timing is everything
  • create your environment

Hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks for planning a destination wedding in the mountains. Planning for your big day in the Rockies? Be sure to check out more ideas for your Colorado destination wedding. Or see our work as adventurous destination wedding photographers.

Stay tuned for more wedding tips for adventurous and outdoorsy brides! You can view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice. If there’s a question we can answer, reach out. Most of our content is built from questions from our readers such as these tips for planning a remote wedding in a wilderness location.

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