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Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team (why we love it)

For our new about us video (check it out!!) we had the talented Sean of Slavin Studios interview one of our amazing couples. Kevin and Kim mentioned something in their interview that we hear a lot. Our couples love that we’re a husband and wife wedding photography team, and the truth is we do too!

Working together day in and day out is no joke. It’s not always easy and it’s definitely not for everyone. So today I want to address all the reasons we love it (and perhaps a few reasons we don’t) from the practical to the romantic.

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how we became a husband and wife wedding photography team

We actually became a husband and wife wedding photography team after our own wedding. I love telling this story even though I’ve told it countless times. It’s one of those things that make you feel good about something you might not otherwise appreciate.

Our wedding day was awesome! We were both extremely happy and love that our friends and families came and celebrated with us. So much so that we didn’t care that it rained or that we had to move everything from the beautiful riverside outdoor area to an eclectic barn type bar.

Our cheeks hurt from smiling. I loved getting big hugs from everyone and feeling the energy of their joy for us. And I married my best friend.

And then we got our wedding photos. They didn’t match our memories or experiences from the day one bit. Despite the rain, there were beautiful wildflowers and lush green surroundings but our pictures don’t capture that either. We remember saying, “We could have done a better job.” (Famous last words!)

I could go on but it still makes me upset, instead I’ll tell you what else happened.

For our wedding favors after looking at spending $3 per person on some trinket Marc and I realized we could spend about the same to print and matte photos we had shot over the years. At the time photography was just a hobby for us, something we would do on our various hikes and adventures.

It was amazing to see how much people loved the photos. We hung them all on a wall and allowed people to put their name on the back of the one they wanted. People even fought over some. Seeing that our photography could bring people such joy moved another puzzle piece into place.

Sometimes we still see those photos when we stop by friends houses. It feels so good, and we also cringe because our work has gotten so much better!

So the next thing we knew we were in fact going on to do a better job than our photographer had. We went on to make sure our couples didn’t have the experience we did but rather that they had photos that would compliment and spark their fond memories of such a great day.

It started with some of our friends trusting us to photograph their weddings and led to what it is now. A photography business. Our story of becoming husband and wife is what makes us such a passionate husband and wife wedding photography team.

marc and brenda bergreen | husband and wife | wedding photography team

husband and wife wedding photography team - the bergreens

the benefits to our couples

We believe that it’s a huge benefit to our couples that we are a husband and wife photography team. First of all, two photographers are better than one for obvious reasons such as more photos. But more importantly it’s about the quality of the photos.

Having two photographers frees both photographers up to be more creative and more flexible. You can get two perspectives, two angles, and be in two places at once. It’s common for one of us to be taking more risks when we know the other person is in place.

Additionally, there are times when we can work as a team to do something a little more complicated. For example, if we want to do some creative lighting there is someone there to help make that happen.

Similarly, the whole process is made easier by having less things for each person to focus on. It can be really tricky to photograph cocktail hour while also setting up reception lighting. It can be hard to capture simultaneous moments that are happening in two different places such as the groom getting ready with his dad and the bride with her sister.

But perhaps most importantly, being a husband and wife team often gives us a different connection to our couples than we would otherwise have. From getting to know each other the first time we meet to the engagement PhotoDate to that moment we show up at the wedding, we are able to form a bond as couples.

The engagement PhotoDate is like a double date where we are getting to know each. From a photography standpoint, one of us can be communicating with the couple while the other is photographing the resulting laughs and smiles. It’s like having a director in addition to your photographer.

In our about us video, Kevin and Kim mentioned how we can communicate with a look. That’s true! Having worked together for so long we often know what the other person is doing or planning or thinking, and if we don’t we have radios in our ears too!

We love working together, we have fun working together, and we want our couples and their guests to have fun!

husband and wife wedding photography team

the benefits to us

And what about us? Do we like working together?

We actually get asked that question a lot and the answer is absolutely. Obviously we have our moments like any co-workers might have on a high pressure day. But the reality is that it’s worth it for that moment we get to dance or high five or tear up or create something together.

We really enjoy doing things together and find that we make a good team. We’re different in a lot of ways and similar in others. We compliment each other but also agree on most things. When we don’t agree, it’s usually a good sign to take a closer look at the situation that we might have otherwise overlooked.

And lets be honest, being wedding photographers really cramps our social life. Basically we can’t hang out when everyone else has their “day off.” But at least we’re together! We can hit the ski slopes or the hiking trails when everyone else is at work.

It’s probably gotten harder to balance work, life, and love since we’ve had kids mostly because our life has become pretty consumed by either working or parenting. Luckily, both of those are things that we are passionate about. Even if they aren’t always easy or enjoyable!

So yes, we have to make an effort sometimes to not talk about work. And at the same time, there are some aspects of our work that we love talking about because they relate to our passions and our dreams. How great is it to have someone that so intimately understands my dreams and will help me work towards them?

It’s not that we love weddings and princess dresses and centerpieces. We’re actually pretty simple and practical people ourselves. But love? Yeah, love is totally something to celebrate and celebrate big!

Thanks for being here and listening! Winter is the season I get to shoot less weddings and write about it all more so I appreciate you listening.

husband and wife wedding photography team - the bergreens

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