meditation for creativity and peace

Meditation for Creativity Script and Poem (Create Space and Peace)

Creativity is something we have, it’s something that comes naturally to us. And yet, it can be hard to access. It can get buried beneath fears, expectations, doubts, and so much more.

In light of this, I wrote the following meditation for creativity that includes a poem. Why use meditation for creativity? When your mind is still and at peace, you create space for new ideas and inspiration.

creativity meditation script

Afterwards, if you’re looking for more meditation for creativity, check out my free recordings on insight timer. Here are some you might enjoy:

Before you begin, you might find it helpful to look at our yoga for creativity guide, creativity affirmations, or creativity journal prompts. Doing these exercises together will help maximize results.

Read the 10-minute meditation script or watch the YouTube video here. I hope you enjoy this short meditation for creativity!

meditation for creativity

Find a comfortable seat.

Close your eyes and draw your attention to your breath.

Notice how you feel.

Now notice the thoughts. Your breath. Your physical body.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Take a deep inhale, filling the lungs. Release slowly, and completely, like a sigh. Feel as if you can let everything go with that exhale. All the tension in your body.

Scan the body starting at the crown of your head. Relax and release as you scan down through the body. Observe what is. Notice reactions, expectations, and judgements.


meditation for creativity and peace

Release it all with the breath. Notice, accept, and release.

Now bring to mind your reason for choosing this meditation for creativity. Bring to mind your desire to be creative.

Is it a calling? A purpose? A deep need?

Creativity is bringing something new into the world. It’s our chance to make the world more beautiful or efficient or compassionate. Call to mind your desire, the impact you wish to have on the world.

Repeat your creativity affirmation, something along the lines of I use my creativity to make the world more beautiful. Make it specific to you, your creative outlet and the change you wish to have on the world.


creativity meditation

Now, listen to the following poem, prayer, or invocation. Repeat the phrases to yourself as you create space and peace for creativity.

Invocation of Creativity

May the work of my hands touch someone in need

Healing the wounds and planting the seeds

If my experiences can be used to make the path clearer

Bringing the summit a little bit nearer

When my visions can help someone else see

Giving them strength for who they must be

May my heart of compassion let someone belong

Spreading joy so they can write their own song

If my voice is a tool for those who can’t speak

Reminding them that they are not weak

When my ideas are generous and inspired

Serving fuel and fire to those that are tired

Only then will my creativity truly be

Overflowing from the forces greater than me

creativity meditation

Sit in the stillness. Notice, accept, and release.

Eventually, bring your attention back to your personal creativity affirmation.

Bring your attention back to your breath.

Notice how you feel.

Take a deep inhale, filling your body with the peace of this moment. And with your exhale begin the process of releasing your creativity into the world.

meditation for creativity

other resources

Hopefully you enjoyed the 10 minute meditation script and perhaps it helped bring you into the present moment like meditation sessions do! If you want to make this guided meditation script spiritual, just look at how creativity allows us to use our gifts and talents in service to others thus helping us fill our little space in the world.

Best wishes with developing your meditation practice. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to be more in the present moment and reception to inspiration that can come with guided meditation creativity.

As I mentioned, these creativity affirmations and creativity journal prompts are a great addition to this guided meditation for creativity.

If you’re interested in more meditation for creativity, check out my free recordings on Insight Timer. Here are some you might enjoy:

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