do you call yourself and artist

Do you call yourself an artist?

Do you? Do  you call yourself an artist? I’m not talking about professionally. I’m not talking about working as a photographer, writer, painter, or something that’s technically defined as art. I’m talking to everyone.

To everyone that has a dream and a vision. To everyone that believes in a purpose and making a difference. Do you strive to create something beautiful to make the world a better place in whatever field you’re in?

Or is that saved for the grade school versions of ourselves that gathered at recess to create a skit simply because we had an idea we wanted to share? Is that saved for the version of ourselves that existed before the first time we got made fun of for choreographing a dance to Alanis Moresette? Or is that saved for the basketball player that wanted to win so bad they came up with ridiculous ways to try to encourage and support their teammates?

Is that saved for the artist inside that created, dreamed, and shared just hoping to have an impact?

What happened to that kid?

Did they give up?

Did they grow up?

Did they realize that hope doesn’t matter? Did they forget everything they learned and were taught? Everything we stopped teaching when we were done trying to create good people and ready to prepare them for the real world. And then we wonder why the real world sucks the life out of us.

do you call yourself an artist

I’ve been reading a lot of kids books lately. Hazard of having toddlers. They like the ones with cool colors and textures, they like to hand them to me and then roll around on the bed or explore the room. 

But me? I like the ones that make me cry. 

Yes, I admit it, tearing up reading kids books at 6:30pm is a common occurrence in my life. The experience is reminding me of the journey of life to get to where I am and the lessons that have been integral in developing my priorities.

I’m teaching my daughter morals like: “The only true failure can come if you quit.” Rosie Revere Engineer “Sometimes when you’re different you just need a different song.” Giraffes Can’t Dance “Happiness is all around.” The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

Maybe we should put down our iPhones and pick up a board book more often.

Maybe we should reconnect with the artist inside.

Maybe we shouldn’t give up on changing the world.

Do you call yourself an artist?

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