Why I Blog About Creativity & Building a Life

I have a whole category where I blog about creativity and building a life. I’ve been doing so since pretty much the beginning of our photography business. It’s all about finding balance, living the dream, and staying motivated when loving your job is still work!

As a professional photographer, videographer, writer, and all-around creator, creativity is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve read countless books on the topic and have practiced a variety of techniques to enhance my own creativity. I’ve learned that creativity is a practice.

Choosing creative endeavors as a profession is not just about building a business. It’s about building a life. That’s why I blog about creativity.

Favorite Posts on the Blog About Creativity

Below I’ve selected and sorted the posts on our blog about creativity. They were written mostly for myself on topics that I’m exploring on my own. But I also share them as inspiration for other entrepreneurs, photographers, and creators.

I explore topics such as: creativity and mindset. I battle resistance, balance being a business person and a creative, and share my many creative practices. The more I learn, the more I want to learn about how creativity can enhance my life and help me reach my goals.

Photography was a passion that became a business which gave creativity even more importance in my life. Now, being creative isn’t just something for free time but something I have to wake up and do. I love it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

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Why I Blog About Creativity

When we became professional photographers we also became entrepreneurs. Ever since that day, we’ve learned the importance of community and continual learning. We enjoy connecting with other business owners, dreamers, and creatives to both inspire and be inspired.

I’m constantly looking for inspiration, not just for my photography but for my life. Therefore, when I find or feel inspiration, I like to share it too. Creativity has become a value which means it has also become a priority.

If I see “creative” as part of my identity, then I want to make sure I am taking steps to cultivate my creative skills. That means exploring everything from creative photography techniques to writing creative posts for this blog. Some people expect to just see photography on a photography blog, but I see creativity as an important angle. (Pun intended.)

What is building a life?

Building a life is the ultimate creative pursuit. It’s creating life.

It’s choosing to create our future by choosing what we do and how we do it.

We can choose our job, our direction, and how we spend our time.

Download on free guide on how to build your life!

creativity summary

Creativity and Photography

Photography is pretty technical with things like mastering manual focus and motion blur, but it’s also creative. I feel like it’s important to enhance both our hard and soft skills. Photography is more than just the click of a shutter and the capturing of images.

Photography is storytelling which is creating something new from the way we see the world. Through our lens, both literal and figurative.

By discussing and celebrating creativity on the blog, I strive to offer insights and inspiration into the creative life beyond the pictures I take. Together, we can embark on a continuous quest for creativity, pushing the boundaries of our visual storytelling and contributing to the evolution of the art form.

Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration is crucial for photographers as it serves as the catalyst for innovation and growth in their craft. In a highly competitive field like photography, where standing out is imperative, drawing inspiration from various sources helps photographers break away from clichés and predictable styles. It provides a practical advantage by enabling them to discover new perspectives, techniques, and approaches that set their work apart.

about the author

I am Brenda Bergreen, one half of a husband and wife photography team specializing in Colorado wedding photography and videography as well as adventure photography. If you need someone to encourage your creativity, I’m here. (*Links to stuff I like may include affiliate links.)

Download our free guide on how to build a creative business and a life you love. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help!

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