creativity affirmations

Creativity Affirmations

I loved sharing creativity journal prompts in a recent creativity post. And I loved putting together this Yoga for Creativity guide. So today I’m sharing creativity affirmations to help you release doubt, conquer fear, and move in a positive direction.

Creativity is something we’re born with, it comes easily to children. And yet, as we grow up we’re forced to practice it or else we lose it. It’s still there, somewhere, and therefore it’s time to uncover your creativity.

Just like with my creativity journal prompts I’m going to make you visualize your future, nail down your purpose, and heal some old wounds. Like with the journal prompts I’m going to categorize the affirmations.

If you did the exercises in the journal prompt blog post, then you’ll be able to pair these affirmations nicely with what you learned about yourself.

And I’m going to help you create your own. If you’re looking for a new journal to write down your daily affirmations, check out our Anger Journal or our love. adventurously. journal.

what are they and how to use them

Affirmations are short, powerful statements typically made in the present tense. They help you shape your thoughts and therefore your reality. Affirmations can help us tackle limiting beliefs and have a growth mindset. Unlock your creative mindset.

An affirmation practice will help motivate you to work towards creating the life that you want. A life in alignment with your hopes, dreams, and values.

Write down the affirmations that resonate with you. Say them out loud. Repeat them in your mind, especially during meditation or at the start of your day.

Keep them short and specific to you. Below the affirmations will be fairly general, so make it your own. Change creativity to art or painting or writing if that applies better.

Repetition helps. Work with an affirmation over an extended time. Repeat it until you believe it with your whole heart. That will help you take actions towards what you’re trying to create in your life.

Creativity affirmations are pretty fun because they help us create the reality we want.

creativity affirmations

creativity affirmations on visualization

This first set of affirmations is going to be all about visualization. Visualization is a powerful tool in manifesting what you want. I know when I use the word manifest you get a little freaked out but this is scientifically proven manifestation.

This is not “visualize swimming in money but don’t change your life.” Think of it more as visualizing shooting free throws perfectly so that when you get on the basketball court your brain already knows what do do.

Because when it comes to creativity, your brain already does know what to do.

picture your future self:

  1. I am creative.
  2. I am creating something new today.
  3. My ability to connect to my creativity is growing.
  4. I am creating a future that is more beautiful, compassionate, and full of love.
  5. My expression of creativity gives me purpose.
  6. My creativity is helping to heal the world.
  7. Through my creativity I am creating the change I want to see.
  8. Connecting with the creativity of my inner child helps me serve the future generations of the world.
  9. Write your own: I use my ________ (creativity, art, writing, ideas) to ________ (the change you want to create.)

creativity affirmations

creativity affirmations on gratitude

Gratitude is an amazing place to start when it comes to creativity. If we can clear our mind of fears and limiting beliefs, often we make space for clarity and new ideas. These next affirmations are all about gratitude.

gratitude for creativity:

  1. I am grateful for my creative abilities.
  2. I am grateful for all the creators who make my life easier and more beautiful.
  3. Creativity is something I choose not to take for granted.
  4. The creations of my past have helped me get where I am.
  5. I am co-creating with the universe.
  6. My creativity gives me control over my life.
  7. I am grateful for my cheerleaders and supporters that allow me to be creative.
  8. Write your own: I am grateful for my ________ (creativity, art, writing, ideas) and that it ________ (the impact it has on you, the world, or others.)

creativity affirmations

creativity affirmations on fear

Sometimes we can’t get creative because we are stuck in our fear. Our self-doubt is holding us back and we simply can’t take the risk. Avoiding fear doesn’t seem to be working.

Now it’s time to examine your fears, dive deeper, disprove them, or heal from them.

dive in:

  1. I don’t know how to do this but something inside me does. (One of my favorite affirmations from the book Gratitude and Trust. Read more about it, it will change your life.)
  2. I embrace fearless creativity.
  3. My heart is open to countless creative possibilities.
  4. I trust in the chaos that precedes creativity.
  5. Write your own: I release any ________ (fear, doubt, impatience, expectations, or whatever is holding you back) and I embrace the flow of ________ (creativity, ideas, inspiration.)

creativity affirmations

creativity affirmations on purpose

Getting in alignment with your purpose helps you get in the mindset of believing in the future you imagine.

your purpose and mission:

  1. The world needs my creativity and I am ready to serve.
  2. By releasing my creativity I am helping to heal the world.
  3. I deserve to be the person that I’m meant to be.
  4. The world needs my creative solutions.
  5. My creativity allows me to strengthen my family, health, and vocation.
  6. I use my passions and gifts in service of spreading love, light, and beauty.
  7. Write your own: I use my ________ (creativity, ideas, solutions, art) to help ________ (your mission or purpose.)

how to write your own creativity affirmations

What are your barriers around creativity? Turn your fears into an affirmation by flipping the perspective.

If you doubt that you are creative, the affirmation can address that. Ex: I am creative.

Connect your art to your specific purpose. Ex: I use my paintings to help heal the aches of women in this world.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a new journal, check out our Anger Journal or our love. adventurously. journal.

other resources

Next, if you’re into affirmations I suggest you check out the following books:

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