how to get married in colorado

How to Get Married in Colorado & How to Elope in Colorado

Today we’re breaking down how to get married in Colorado into 3 simple steps. We’ll also talk about how to elope in Colorado and what makes it different. Colorado is a fabulous destination for kicking off your marriage and the technical aspects of “how to” are actually quite simple.

how to get married in colorado

How to Get Married in Colorado in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Plan your wedding or elopement day

Decide what you want your special day to look like. You might find this blog post helpful: Wedding vs Elope. Better yet, download our free guide: Prioritize your planning so your wedding is a memorable adventure.

Here’s the summary, it’s all about prioritizing what is important to you and then building the day around that.

Then you can select your date, location, and any necessary vendors. When selecting your date, you’ll want to factor in the weather for the various seasons.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have any permits or permissions required for the location of your ceremony. Your photographer can generally help you with that.

When selecting where to get married on Colorado, you can see our simple steps in this blog post. Essentially we talk through looking for beautiful locations and then examining the cost, convenience, and meaning of the location. Or check out some beautiful Colorado wedding venues here or tips for eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park.

When thinking about how to get married in Colorado, the most important thing is how you want your day to look. But, yeah, let’s talk about the technical stuff next. How to get married in Colorado = how to obtain, fill out, and file the marriage license.

Step 2: Get a marriage license

To make your marriage official, you’ll need a marriage license.

You will have to fill out paperwork at the County Clerk’s office. Make sure you research this ahead of time and make an appointment (often required during COVID.)

In Colorado, you only need the signatures of the couple and someone with solemnizing authority. The couple can sign on the line and self-solemnize the marriage or you can have your officiant for that.

Step 3: Get married and file your marriage license

Get married. Have a blast. Do something special.

Then make it official by filing your marriage license either in person or by mailing it to the County Clerk who issued it. Get some certified copies for all those fun things like name changes that you might need it for.

how to get elope in colorado

More Thoughts on How to Get Married in Colorado

  1. Ignore the sample budgets you see out there. Make your own and spend money on things that are important to you.
  2. When selecting a venue consider location, cost, and convenience for your guests.

More Thoughts on How to Elope in Colorado

  1. Focus on your experience. Couples often elope to keep things simple and stress free, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be special and breaktaking.
  2. Take advantage of the limited restrictions you have by not having a big wedding. Shoot portraits at sunset, go somewhere off the beaten path, and spend money only on the things that are important to to get married in colorado

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I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get married in Colorado and how to elope in Colorado! Here’s what’s next

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