wedding or elope quiz

Wedding vs Elope (Either way “I do!” – Take Our Quiz)

Today we’re comparing and competing. We’re contrasting and questioning. Wedding vs elope, and who will say “I do” first.

Elopements are a growing trend. There’s something about the ease and simplicity of running up a mountain or down to the courthouse to say “let’s do this.” As photographers we’re been to our share of weddings small and large and we love them all.

Below you’ll find a quiz, pros and cons, and even those win-win compromises. Let us know what you decide.

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wedding vs elope wedding or elope quiz

wedding vs elope

In 2020 and possibly 2021, elopements seem to be taking the lead on weddings. This is often by choice rather than necessity but we’ve seen our couples make the best of it. And honestly, none of them have regretted it.

I imagine it might be because they still plan to have a big party when they can.

If you’re into lots of hugs, big dance parties, and all your favorite people gathered in one place you might be on the wedding train. But if the stress, money, and planning has you overwhelmed it’s not a bad time to be considering an elopement. There’s no excuse like a “COVID made me do it” excuse.

We’re here to help you think it through, find the right balance, and then photograph the heck out of your wedding or elopement. Because regardless of what you decide, it’s going to be a day to remember!

wedding or elope quiz

part 1: the COVID cancelled my wedding quiz

  1. Can you have big group gatherings in your state?
  2. Are all your at risk loved ones vaccinated?

This section of the quiz is kind of a joke, sorry if it’s a bad one. You might be here because you’re trying to getting married in a time when a Pandemic has made planning anything impossible, let alone wedding planning. If that’s the case, read on anyway.

We’ll help you understand that the definition of elopement is willing to be personalized, you can make it your own.

part 2: the wedding vs elope personality quiz

  1. Are you an a.) introvert or an b.) extrovert?
  2. Do you like being the center of attention? a.) no b.) yes
  3. Does your family approve? a.) no b.) yes
  4. Are you a hugger, dancer, partier? a.) no b.) yes
  5. You prefer a.) quiet b.) boisterous
  6. Are you a.) on a budget b.) ready to splurge?
  7. You’re a.) itching to travel b.) focused on the people
  8. Do you a.) love to host b.) love to relax
  9. a.) Your family will totally understand b.) You’re worried about offending friends and family
  10. a.) You just want to be married b.) You’re excited to start planning
  11. a.) Quality b.) Quantity

If your answers were mostly a, this points towards elopement. However, if your answers were mostly b, this points towards wedding. My guess is that you already knew the answer

wedding vs elope, can everyone win?

If you’re convinced you should have a big wedding you have a few choices.

  1. You can wait.
  2. Or you can get married now and have a big party later.
  3. You can elope with your family. This is what’s called a compromise! More on this topic next time, so stay tuned.

The answer might be determined based on how long you have to wait for that big party.

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wedding vs elope

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