how to make an elopement special

How to Make an Elopement Special

Welcome to our “just in case we can’t have weddings in 2021 elopement planning blog post series.” Today we’re talking about how to make an elopement special. Whether you’re planning an elopement because you want to or because you have to, we’re here to help.

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how to make an elopement special

1. start with your values

Whenever I’m giving wedding or elopement planning advice, I encourage couples to look at what is important to them. If you write down your priorities and values, they’ll serve as guideposts for how to make an elopement special.

For example, if you value delicious food and good company, you’ll plan that into your wedding day. If you value beautiful art, include that somehow. Have you heard the saying about if you show me how you spend your money and how you spend your time I’ll show you what you value?

When you lay out your values clearly and agree on them, then it becomes a simple choice of deciding how to spend your money and your time. Where should your splurge? What should you do all day?

2. think about the experience

You can say some quick vows, sign a piece of paper, and call it a day. Poof, you’re married. Maybe that’s enough for some people.

Me, I want ceremony and ritual and emotion and celebration.

Visualize what you want to do on your wedding day. Do you want breakfast in bed? Do you want to hike or look at the stars? How about some quality time getting ready with mom?

A lot of couples check of the who, what, when, and where. They neglect the how. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but it can be an experience.

Pop the champagne, cut the cake, and light the fireworks. Those aren’t just cheesy outdate wedding traditions, they’re ways to celebrate. Don’t like them? Find your own.

Have a first dance on top of a mountain, watch your mom cry as you put on your dress, and listen to an intimate toast at dinner.

3. make it a big deal

Ok, so you’re into simple and low stress. That doesn’t mean your wedding day can’t be significant. Make your elopement a big deal.

What does that mean? Maybe it’s splurging on a fancy hotel or wearing an elegance outfit. If your friends and family can’t be there, maybe they can send videos, letters, or well wishes.

Make your own traditions and rules but allow yourself to celebrate. This is day one of your marriage. It makes a significant moment in your relationship.

4. location, location, location

I am a little biased because beautiful places are one of my values but I believe the setting for your wedding will help enhance the experience. Imagine the difference between getting married watching the sunset over the mountains and getting married in a doctors office.

One of the benefits of elopements is the simplicity of planning. Take advantage of that and do what you couldn’t do if you were having a big wedding. Besides, you’ll want great photos and video to share with friends and family virtually or at your big reception.

A great location can enhance your memories and make everything about your elopement more vibrant. Think of all of your senses that being somewhere awesome impacts and how that intensifies the moment.

Trigger your sight, smell, taste, touch, and sounds. You see the beautiful backdrop and hear the birds or the waterfall as you smell the wildflowers and taste your wedding day wine while holding hands with the one you love. Now that’s an experience.

make your elopement special

  1. start with your values
  2. think about the experience
  3. make it a big deal
  4. location, location, location

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