how to plan a micro wedding

How to Plan a Micro Wedding (And Be Happy About It)

It’s been awhile since I have written wedding planning tips for brides. And I’m pretty sure that’s how I opened my last wedding planning blog post. There is just so much content out there that sometimes I don’t have anything new to say but today I’m talking about how to plan a micro wedding (and be happy about it).

Of course, 2020 and Covid have made a mess of many couple’s wedding plans. Thus, the micro wedding. We’ve been shooting some elopements and micro weddings lately as couples hold off for a big party next year.

There is some grief and longing and disappointment. But mostly I see joy, gratitude, and love. I hear things like, “I’m so glad we did this.”

The first step is planning a micro wedding, and being happy about it, is altering your expectations and redefining your priorities. Oh expectations! Aren’t they just a killer of joy?

how to plan a micro wedding

1. start the same way you would any wedding: focus on your priorities

If you’ve read any of our wedding planning advice blog posts you might notice they can be a little different than what you get out there in the wedding world. We don’t care about the “stuff” as much as we care about your experience.

Before you get swept away in the overwhelming complicated world of wedding planning, take a little bit of time to dream and talk about your priorities. Check out our free guide: Prioritize your planning so your wedding is a memorable adventure.

It’s important that the decisions you make in your wedding planning are intentional, otherwise that whole expectations thing will knock you down.

Some of our favorite weddings have been small, intimate, micro weddings. The main reason is the couples are laser focused on what really matters to them. They aren’t carrying the extra weight of what they think they are “supposed” to do.

So, even if you aren’t planning a micro wedding by choice but more just because you can’t wait indefinitely to start your life with this amazing person you’ve found…

Scratch that. Especially if that describes you, start with your priorities.

2. open up the possibilities

Large weddings are often limiting. You have a large group of people to shelter, feed, and fill with wine. I mean love, fill them will love.

When you think about having a smaller wedding, whether because you want to or have to, it opens up some possibilities. You have less people to feed so maybe you can afford that private caterer you wanted. The group is smaller so now your venue choices are unlimited.

Think outside of the box of what you think weddings are supposed to look like. Some of our favorites have felt more like family dinners or bbqs. I’m not against elegance, in fact some of the best meals I’ve had have been at micro weddings where it’s not as hard to cook the steak to perfection.

Did I say stake, I meant lobster. Wasn’t food high on your priority list from number 1?!

Another awesome possibility that we love as photographers is that you can time things around the beautiful light easier than usual. You can get married at sunset without it being a huge inconvenience it normally is.

3. savor the benefits

No guilt. Quality over quantity. Stretch your money.

Feeling guilty about not inviting every single one of your college friends and their plus ones? Nope. I can only invite a few people and everyone understands why they’re not invited.

Even though you want to see everyone you love, there’s something special about not having to divide your time into such small chunks. Appreciate that you’ll get to spend quality time with your inner circle.

I mentioned this briefly above, you’ll be surprised at how much cutting your guest list will cut your costs. Warning, some things might still cost the same such as photography, wedding planner, and venue costs.

Oh and did I mention sunset? Or sunrise? Don’t underestimate the joy watching sunrise or sunset on your wedding day can be.

4. things that might help

It’s still a wedding. There are still some coordination challenges, planning, and location selections that need to be made. That’s where the professionals come in.

Just because it’s a micro wedding doesn’t mean a planner or a photographer won’t have plenty to do. Lean in their expertise just like you normally would. Let us help with a timeline or share stories of what we’ve seen work well.

Of course I would say that right? I need you to need me. Fair, AND I also think that there are some awesome people in the wedding industry that are really good at helping you have an amazing experience.

go plan and be happy

I hope you enjoyed our thoughts on how to plan a micro wedding.

We try to keep things real, simple, useful, and practical. Your wedding is about you and it’s about your relationship. It’s about the marriage ahead.

Check out more of our wedding photography advice for brides here or for wedding photographers like our best outdoor tips.

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