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We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife team of Zion wedding photographers for your destination wedding or elopement. We specialize in capturing adventurous couples in the beautiful locations where they choose to get married. Zion National Park is top of our list of favorite destinations for weddings and adventures alike.

Below we discuss tips and tricks for planning your Zion National Park wedding photography. Additionally, we share some of our work from the park. If you want an epic backdrop for your wedding day, Zion National Park should be on your list.

While planning a wedding in any of the National Parks can be somewhat complicated, Zion Canyon is an unforgettable destination. It lends itself nicely to a smaller wedding or Zion National Park elopement where you can plan a day with less logistics.

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tips from a Zion wedding photographer

If you’re early in the planning stages, you might be interested in some of the wedding photography advice blog posts. Check out these 3 Simple Steps for Planning a National Park wedding or 5 Ways to Prepare for Your National Park Elopement photography.

Better yet, reach out and let’s start talking about your Zion wedding photography! We can help you with things like figuring out the rules of a Zion National Park wedding or where the sun will set on your wedding venue.

Zion is a memorable destination. There is also an awesome town nearby giving you a lot of options for a destination wedding.


We suggest timing things around sunrise or sunset when the light is beautiful and the locations are less crowded. We can help you find a secluded spot, especially if you’re willing to hike a little. Since Zion National Park is one of the most popular National Parks, you’ll want to do some location planning and try for hidden gems.

While some of our favorite spots are iconic, you can also find amazing landscapes while getting away from the crowds. On that note, avoid peak tourist season and times of day. Your experience will be better if you’re not fighting the crowds.

Zion National Park Elopement Grafton Ghost Town


There are comfy accommodations and delicious eats. The transportation is also great with buses taking you throughout the park and town. Just plan to beat the crowds.

For your Zion wedding and elopement photography, we want to focus on your experience. Places like Zion National Park allow us to both escape and be grounded in reality. Your wedding should feel like a dream, but the messy real-life crazy story kind.

Let us get to know you and let us meet your loved ones. Take us on a journey both physically and emotionally. Let us tell your story with a combination of epic wedding landscape portraits and emotional documentary-style moments or shine.

Zion National Park Wedding Planning Guide

places get married in Zion National Park

There are a lot of great Zion wedding locations to choose from as the National is stunning. You can get married in the park or near the park. Plan your day for an amazing experience.

Some couples choose to have a ceremony in the park and a reception at a local venue. Others choose to have their ceremony at the venue and just go into the park for portraits. Whatever you decide scheduling time to go into the park for photos is worth the effort.

We’ve even had couple do a day after session where they focus on the wedding on one day and then put their dress back on for portraits on a different day. There are no rules except the ones you make for yourself!

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favorite Zion wedding venues

As far as Zion National Park wedding venues, the National Park restricts where you can have a wedding ceremony to the following locations.

In Zion Canyon:

1.) The Temple of Sinawava, 2.) Menu Falls, 3.) Zion Lodge Lawn, 4.) Nature Center Lawn, 5.) South Campground Amphitheater. In Kolob Canyon: 6.) Timber Creek Overlook. For more details see the NPS website.

Again, you can also consider hosting the ceremony and reception at a venue outside the park and doing couples portraits inside the park.

zion national park wedding photography

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We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife photography team specializing in mountain wedding photography and other adventures.

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