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Colorado Wildflower Season 2019

Colorado wildflower season 2019 is going to be one to remember. All of the spring storms meant that we had to adapt some locations and scheduling. The challenge made it that much sweeter!

wildflowers at their peak

I’ve been trying to figure out why I love wildflowers so much.

Why everyone rants and raves about peak wildflower season and how you have to see it.

Sure there’s something about the vibrant colors and unique shapes that’s inherently beautiful. But it’s more than that. It’s almost like all of your favorite artists, musicians, designers, chefs, and inventors said they were going to have big breakthroughs and do their best work during a certain period of time in a particular place.

Wouldn’t that be something you’d want to go see?

Wouldn’t you try to hit it at its peak?!

Nature does her best work when we surrender to the season, when we feed off our surroundings. Whether that’s the weather, elevation, or fellow wildflowers. It’s our chance to create, to be our best, to shine our brightest, and to try our darndest to bring joy to anyone willing to come see us in action.

colorado wildflower season 2019

We had a pretty epic wildflower season this year and are excited to share. We actually kicked off our 2019 wildflower season in California so the first two photos are from the Sierras. Most of the photos are from weddings or engagement shoots so we had the extra element of trying to capture the beauty of both the couple and the flowers!

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