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Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues

If you’re planning a Colorado wedding, you’re probably lost in the weeds of all of the Colorado mountain wedding venues. Let’s dive into some of the best from a photographer’s perspective. After shooting over a decade’s worth of weddings, we have a lot of opinions!

Colorado offers stunning summer wedding options as well as winter weddings for those willing to risk snow. And we can’t forget fall and the beauty of aspen trees changing color. Enjoy the planning process as you look forward to exchanging your vows and partying into the night at your ski resort or indoor Denver venue!

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues

As adventurous Colorado mountain wedding photographers we are always on the hunt for the best Colorado mountain wedding venues. (Even better if it has views.) Planning a luxurious mountain stay or a rugged adventure? The Rocky Mountains have something for everyone.

Below we share some of our favorite picturesque locations perfect for that Colorado wedding experience and breathtaking wedding photography.

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Colorado Wedding Venues with Mountain Views

What makes a mountain wedding venue beautiful? For us, we can’t get over those Colorado wedding venues with mountain views. Even if the ceremony or reception site itself doesn’t have epic views, it’s all about access. A lot of venues has access to epic mountain views which you should take advantage of for some quick sunset portraits.

Our Top Colorado Wedding Venues with Mountain Views

Below are our top wedding venues in the mountains, they range from Vail to Estes Park and everywhere in between. There’s something for everyone: outdoor ceremony, spacious reception hall, romantic atmosphere, gorgeous views, and more! There are places in the front range and foothills and other venues higher up or further away.

We love these venues for a variety of reasons from the views to the staff to the experience both we and our clients have had. Some are intimate laid back spots while other are geared up and ready for a party.

Camp Hale

the lodge at camp hale wedding photography

Piney River Ranch

Piney River Ranch Wedding Couple Portraits Blue Hour Colorado Mountain Wedding Venue

Ten Mile Station

Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge Photos

YMCA of the Rockies

YMCA of the Rockies Colorado Wedding Venue with Mountain Views

A Basin

A Basin Adventure Wedding Photography Black Mountain Lodge Bride and Groom Sunset Alpenglow Colorado Mountain Wedding venue with Mountain views

The Sevens at Breck

Sevens Breckenridge Wedding Portrait with Stars and Milky Way Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues

Strawberry Creek Ranch

Strawberry Creek Ranch Wedding Reception


fall telluride wedding ceremony colorado mountain wedding venues with mountain views

Any Estes Park Wedding Venue with Access to National Park

elope in estes park sunny portraits

Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

Beaver Creek Wedding Deck Ceremony

Vail Wedding Deck

Fall Vail Wedding Deck Elopement First Dance with Mountain Views

Vail Golf Club

Golf Club Vail Wedding Photographers Colorado Wedding Venue with Mountain Views

Explore Mountain Wedding Venues in Colorado by Location

Sometimes in searching for mountain wedding venues in Colorado, you need to first narrow it down to a region that you’re interested. Are you looking for something in Rocky Mountain National Park or Summit Country?

You can explore the following location guides to help narrow down your search for wedding venues.

There are a lot of stunning venues in the mountains of Colorado. There are high-end and expensive options or simple permits for inexpensive backdrops. Below I’ll share some of our favorites from our experience photographing a lot of Colorado weddings.

explore evergreen co wedding venues

Evergreen, Colorado and other front range or foothills towns are the perfect compromises for couples that want to escape into the mountains without being too far from Denver or the airport. Sometimes this can simplify travel and costs for your guests.

evergreen colorado wedding photos

explore rocky mountain wedding venues

Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular destination for visitors to CO. Colorado mountain wedding venues in or near RMNP boast epic views. Approximately 1.5 hour drive from the airport and you’re reveling in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Estes Park is one of our favorite places for weddings because it’s at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park which is a breathtaking place to celebrate your love. It’s an epic spot to bring your guests and make memories. Colorado mountain venues in or near RMNP boast epic views or quick access to breathtaking backdrops.

Approximately 1.5 hour drive from the airport and you’re reveling in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. You can get a permit for a outdoor ceremony in the National Park or even just to take some wedding day portraits there which we highly recommend regardless of what venue you end up at. Below are our top 3 venues in Estes Park for your dream mountain wedding including the floor to ceiling windows at SkyView.

  1. SkyView at Fall River

  2. Della Terra Mountain Chateau

  3. Black Canyon Inn

rocky mountain national park adventure wedding sunrise session with mountain views

explore breckenridge co wedding venues

Breckenridge, Colorado is another popular ski town that boasts a lot of great wedding venues with mountain views. Wedding guests love the laid back and welcoming vibe of Breck making it a great spot to celebrate your big day.

Breckenridge is one of our favorite mountain towns because it has a playful laidback vibe while having stunning backdrops. It’s a fun ski town that is also vibrant in the summer. There are a lot of great hikes and spots that we love to take our couples.

Our top 3 Breckenridge wedding venues are below.

  1. 10 Mile Station

  2. The Sevens at Breck

  3. Breckenridge Nordic Center

Twin Eagles Lodge Breckenridge Wedding

explore vail co wedding venues

Vail, Colorado is one of our favorite mountain towns. It’s 2 hours from the airport on a good day, but make sure your guests check traffic or arrive a day early. Known for the ski town, Vail boasts a lot of mountain wedding venues with epic views.

As you may have already seen from our initial list, Vail is an awesome place to say I do filled with epic views! Vail, Colorado is one of our favorite mountain towns with amazing venues to choose from. It’s 2 hours from the airport on a good day, but make sure your guests check traffic or arrive a day early.

Known for the ski town, Vail boasts a lot of mountain wedding venues with epic views. Here are our top 4 Vail wedding venues.

  1. Camp Hale

  2. Piney River Ranch

  3. Vail Wedding Deck

  4. Vail Golf Club

Golf Club Vail Wedding Ceremony Indoor Vail CO wedding venue

Looking for Something Remote or Off the Grid?

Try towns like Ouray, Crested Butte, Aspen, or Telluride. Start by finding the right town and then finding the Colorado wedding venue will come easily. Talk about mountain views!

Location Factors to Consider for Mountain Wedding Venues in Colorado

The locations above include everything from foothills wedding venues to mountain top elopement spots. There are a lot of factors to consider when searching for mountain wedding venues in Colorado. The venue that you choose will serve as the setting for your story.

Think back to your last creative writing assignment. It may have been in grade-school or grad-school. Regardless you developed your characters. Then you built your storyline and picked a setting for the events that would unfold. The purpose of your setting was to help set the mood for the story.

Next, think of your Colorado wedding venue the same way. What experience do you want to have? What experience do you want your guests to have? How can you choose a setting that will enhance that experience? For us, the setting contributes to our storytelling as we capture images that will allow you to relive your best memories.

Additionally, for other locations outside of the categories above check out this Beaver Creek Wedding Deck Ceremony or this Intimate Boulder Colorado Wedding.

Challenges and Considerations for Colorado Outdoor Wedding Venues

The Colorado mountains have their challenges from inclement weather to altitude sickness. As is common, with risk you are often rewarded. The snowy peaks create dramatic views. The wildflowers and aspen trees mark the seasons. And the quaint mountain towns invite visitors to relax and unwind.

The best Colorado destination wedding venues will help you handle challenges for out of town guests with shuttle information and more. Mountain town wedding venues often create a memorable experience and escape from everyday life.

Let’s dive deeper into some of our favorite Colorado wedding venues, answer some frequently asked questions, and provide you with some general wedding planning tips when it comes to venue selection. As Colorado wedding photographers, as you can imagine one of our priorities is that a venue is a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day. Afterall, one of the reasons people choose to get married in Colorado is that it’s an unforgettable experience in a beautiful place.

beautiful colorado mountain wedding venues

Affordable Mountain Wedding Venues

The most affordable way to have a mountain wedding is to have a small enough guest list that you can get married somewhere with epic views for only the cost of the wedding permit. Affordable mountain venues seems like a oxymoron and it can definitely feel that way. Venues with epic views are in high demand and so they continue to raise their rates and still book years in advance.

Therefore, if you’re looking for affordable mountain venues look for state or government run locations. Then, have the reception somewhere less expensive with lower demand or consider renting out a restaurant with the added benefit of feeding your guests delicious foods.

Private Homes for Rent for Weddings Colorado

Another fun way to think about your wedding is to find private homes for rent for weddings in Colorado. The home can serve as accommodations, getting ready location, rehearsal dinner, and reception venue. It can give a cozy yet elegant feel as compared to a more corporate venue.

Why We Love Wedding Venues with Mountain Views

It’s not just the incredible photos, venues with mountain views are also an amazing experience for your guests. Imagine flying across the country for a wedding and then finding yourself gazing at wildflowers and snow covered peaks while seeing a love story play out. Outdoor event spaces can have that impact! It’s why our motto is “love. adventurously.”

The mountains are the setting, the backdrop, the visceral and memorable sights sounds and smells that make your wedding day more than a day. After all, we’re kicking off your marriage. We’re celebrating your love with witnesses and community and friends and festivity.

The venue is the “where” of your wedding day and the views help us both live in the moment while planning and dreaming of the future ahead. It’s an important choice and one we hope we gave you some insight on finding outdoor event spaces that fit your vibe.

colorado wedding venues

Finding the Perfect Fit

Whether you’re a local or planning a destination wedding there’s something for you and your loved ones whether it’s a mountain lodge or ski resort. My advice is to make a list of your priorities when you start planning: i.e. mountain view ceremony site, rich history, etc.

Then you know that if views of the mountains is your top priority you can focus on venues with spectacular views. Conversely, if a grand ballroom is your dream you can look for that. Your big day should shed natural light (photography pun intended) on what matters to you most.

Colorado Wedding Venues FAQ

Why are wedding venues so expensive?

As you start your wedding planning you’ll soon learn that the costs start to add up. Venues tend to be expensive especially in Colorado because of the combination of demand, costs of operating a business, and the wide range of what’s included in booking the venue.

Some venues have everything on site from food to catering staff while others allow you to hire outside vendors. A venue may just be a room rental or it may be an wedding weekend experience. Later in this post we’ll talk about finding more affordable venues as well as what compromises you can make.

What’s the average cost of a wedding in Colorado?

Colorado is one of the most expensive states to plan a wedding with the average cost of a wedding in Colorado exceeding $20,000-$30,000. And venues might be around 50% of that cost. However, don’t get discouraged because the average takes into account everything from luxury weddings in Vail or Telluride to more intimate affairs at a state park so it’s not the most reliable metric for you to count on.

Averages are good to know for your own information but after that it’s important to decide what your budget is and then build your wedding plans accordingly. This post is mostly talking about venues but there’s a range of costs for photography, catering, entertainment and more. You might spend well below average on some things and well above average on others, it all depends on your priorities.

How much does it cost to get married in the mountains in Colorado?

How much it costs to get married in the mountains in Colorado depends on what you have in mind and can range from just the $30 marriage license to a $100,000 luxury wedding. You can elope in a national forest off the grid or you can get a $300 permit to get married in Rocky Mountain National Park. Maybe you’ll book a venue or perhaps you’ll take your family out to dinner after a hike during which you exchange vows.

How much it costs to get married depends on your vendor and venue selections. It’s an important day so it’s worth making it special but there are ways to make sure you’re spending the money on things that are important to you. Since the venue is often 50% or more of the cost of the wedding day, it will have a huge impact of your overall wedding cost.

How to choose a venue in Colorado

When choosing a venue in Colorado you need to determine your budget, your guest count, and what you expect to be included with the venue. Some venues will be automatically taken off your list because they’re too expensive or they have guest count minimums or maximums that don’t align with your goals. You may want an all inclusive venue that includes accommodations and food or you may want one with the bare minimum so you can bring your favorite food truck.

I suggest starting with our wedding planning guide to get an idea of your priorities for the wedding day and designing the type of wedding you want. Then you can find the perfect venue to fit your priorities. For example, how far from the Denver airport are your guests going to travel?

Choosing the venue is one of the first decisions you have to make and it will influence most of the decisions you make after. Take a deep breath, don’t get discouraged, and remember why you’re planning this big party in the first place. Love.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Colorado Wedding Venue

  1. Location: How far is your venue from the airport? What kind of town is it in or near? How are the views? What are the challenges and advantages of the location choice?

  2. Weather: What is the back-up plan for weather if it’s an outdoor wedding? Are you and your guests prepared for altitude and the challenges of Colorado’s weather?

  3. Experience: What is the wedding experience you are looking for and will your venue provide that?

  4. What’s included: Does your venue include food, staff, accommodations, tablecloths, bathrooms, etc? Seriously, don’t forget about the bathrooms.

  5. Staff: How is the staff? Are they both professional and personable? Does the venue have high turnover or do people seem to love working there indicating it’s an awesome place to get married?

Colorado Wedding Venue Summary

In summary, Colorado venues are as diverse as the Brides choosing to get married in this beautiful state. The range can be seen in the price range, views, level of luxury, and more. If you use our wedding planning guide to help think through your priorities and vision for the big day, you’ll be able to find the best wedding packages and venues for you and your guests.

The good news is from a photography perspective, there’s always somewhere beautiful we can go nearby for wedding day or engagement portraits. There are countless backdrops and memories to be made to help you kick off your marriage.

My dream outdoor wedding venue would be an outdoor wedding ceremony site with stunning mountain views that show the natural beauty of the venue. There would be an indoor option for later in the night. The building would have floor-to-ceiling windows and luxurious accommodations on site.

Find more wedding planning tips for brides on our blog.    

Beyond Wedding Venues

Can’t find what you’re looking for above? Check out these helpful links for more on finding a wedding venue: Estes Park Wedding Association, Here Comes the Guide,Wedding Spot.

We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife photography team specializing in mountain wedding photography and other adventures.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help with your photography needs!

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