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Planning a Destination Wedding in Colorado | Simply Beautiful

Today we’re talking about planning your destination wedding in Colorado. Our goal for you is to make it simply beautiful! Colorado destination weddings CAN be challenging because you’re not on location to plan, but that doesn’t mean they HAVE TO be challenging.

Why not make something easier? Why not focus on enjoying the beauty of the day rather that the stress of wedding planning. We’ve written destination wedding planning advice before you might find useful next, check out our 5 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding and these destination wedding photography tips.

Things to remember when planning a destination wedding in Colorado:

  1. Build a Colorado dream team!

  2. Dealing with the seasons, altitude, and weather

  3. Settle in to the destination

  4. Take a hike

Let’s break these concepts down.

1. Build a Colorado dream team!

If you’re not local to the area, having a team that can help you with your Colorado destination wedding can be a indispensable asset. For example, we love helping couples find the perfect place to celebrate their marriage. With a simple vision of what you’re looking for, you can reach out to someone that knows the area to help you find everything from the perfect venue to the best band.

In addition to wedding professionals, consider your bridal party and how they can help make the day simple. Can you divide and delegate some responsibilities so that you’re not flying in with heavy baggage? What other types of team members might make your stay easier? A raft guide? A sandwich shop?

Tip from a wedding planner: “Hire locals! We know all the in and outs of our home. It is also nice to have a physical presence in case you need your planner to visit a a vendor or run an errand ahead of time. I am always open to do a cake tasting for my couples!” Briana of Glow Events. Check our her blog post Tips for your High Altitude Wedding

2. Dealing with the seasons, altitude, and weather

Colorado is known for its four seasons, high altitude, and quick changing weather. “Being prepared” and “going with the flow” can help ease the stress when it starts raining. It’s not so much about planning for things to go “wrong” as it is about planning for things to be unpredictable.

The better prepared you are to handle everything from intense sun to sudden snow to the effects of alcohol at high altitude, the simpler everything gets. Just put on a jacket. Just grab the umbrella. Just reapply sunscreen.

Consider putting together gift-bags with practical things like sunscreen and water. Consider making a robust packing list that includes hiking shoes, snow boots, or anything else depending on your season. And lastly, consider arriving a few days early to adapt to the altitude before any heavy drinking.

3. Settle in to the destination

Lately we’ve noticed some of our couples making destination choices based on keeping things easy for their guests. Whether that’s choosing a town that is easy to get to or one that has a lot to do during the weekend, it can make a big difference.

If you find a venue in a town you like, sometimes that means guests don’t have to rent a car, they can stay on site, and/or find plenty to do during unscheduled time. Other helpful options are arranging carpools or shuttles. There is a lot to see in the large state of Colorado, at the same time, settling in to one destination has its advantages. You can spend more time enjoying the local flavor.

4. Take a hike

It may seem obvious so I’ll keep this brief. But take the time or schedule the time to get outside and take a hike. (Or enjoy one of the many outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer: mountain biking, river rafting, bird watching, wildflower/wildlife viewing, and rock climbing to name a few.

In summary,

Planning a destination wedding in Colorado can be simply beautiful. Build a team to help you, be prepared for the season and altitude, pick a specific destination and settle in, and prioritize some time for a hike.

Stay tuned for more tips for adventurous brides! You can also view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice and download our free wedding planning e-guide.

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