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You’ve tied the knot, you’ve paid your vendors, you’ve received your wedding photos, now what? The majority of our wedding packages include both a fine art wedding album and the digital image collection of high res images delivered on a thumb drive. Therefore, at a minimum our couples have a album on their coffee table, end table, or bookshelf full of the story of their wedding day. They also have access to their files if they need to send any to family, friends, or print something for their anniversary.

Looking to answer the question: What to do with your wedding photos?

Our top three answers include:

  1. Re-live the experience with a custom fine art wedding album.
  2. Preserve and back-up your digital image collection so that you’ll always have access to those precious moments.
  3. Print some wall art so that the magic of your wedding is a constant and daily reminder of the power and importance of love.


Let’s talk about the album. We’ve found wedding albums to be an awesome way to tell the story of the day and re-live it year after year. Why not preserve your best memories in an easy to access and beautiful album?

With a photowrap cover, the book itself is a piece of art and opening it up allows you to dive deeper into your memories. We make the process as easy as possible for you from designing the album to sharing the draft through online viewing software. Your job is to set aside some time to look through the album, make any changes, and hit the approve button. Especially it you’ve already paid for it, it’s time to order your album and get it into your hands.

We started including the album in our packages after learning that good intentions to “make my own album” often turn into “I’ll get around to that when I have time” and eventually “wow, I still haven’t gotten a wedding album.”

Don’t be that bride! Review, approve, and start reliving your wedding day!

digital files

It’s a reality that all of our couples want the digital files, and why wouldn’t they? Storage is cheap so having instant and immediate access to your wedding photos is definitely a benefit. We deliver branded flash drives from USB Memory Direct. They produce amazing quality customized flash drives that match our style!

We always remind our couple to back-up their photos. You may have them on a thumb drive but they don’t last for ever so make sure to store copies of your wedding photos somewhere else in case something happens to your computer (i.e. google drive or dropbox). One of the reasons we include albums in our packages is that we’ve found that thumb-drives end up safely tucked away in a desk drawer while albums end up on coffee tables and prints end up on walls. So don’t just back-up your files but print your favorites and print your moms favorites!

Don’t be that bride! Back-up your digital files and print some too!

wall art

Many of our brides hire us because of our landscape portraits, our ability to capture the couple in the environment they’ve chosen to get married. We’ve found that these photos make great wall art. It’s easy to hang a large canvas of a place you love that you happen to be in, decked out in your wedding attire. That image will suck you in and remind you of the visceral thrill of your wedding day. Let us help you, whether you print through us or not. We can give you tips on sizing and material for your wall art as well as make sure the image is sized appropriately. We can also do any detailed editing that might be required for a large print. Don’t hesitate to ask for help so that we can make sure your print comes our right the first time. An example of a something to know is when you print a canvas the image will often wrap around the frame. Therefore, testing the crop is important to make sure your foot isn’t cut off in a weird way.

Don’t be that bride! Why spend money on art and not hang it? Especially art so personal to you.

We hope that helps you decide what to do with your wedding photos and encourages you to take action. Still in the planning stages? Check out our wedding planning advice and download our free wedding planning e-guide. Engagement shoots are great for photos for invitations.

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