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Colorado Engagement Photography Guide

As experienced Colorado engagement photographers and videographers, we put together this engagement photography guide to help you in your wedding planning process. You may have seen our engagement photoshoot survival guide which covers your photo style, what to wear, and other photography tips. This guide will dive deeper into planning the session itself.

colorado engagement photographer

The Purpose of the Engagement Session

Your engagement session can be one of the fun parts of wedding planning. Even if you don’t think you’re photogenic or if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera. We work with normal people like you and we focus on having fun and making memories.

Having an adventure is one of the best ways to distract you from the fact that someone is following you around with a camera! Your engagement session will allow you to get photos from this important stage in your relationship. Couples use those photos on their website or save-the-dates, invitations, and more.

But beyond that, the engagement session gives you a chance to work with your photographer before the wedding day. This not only makes you more comfortable on the wedding day but it is a fun part of the wedding planning process.

colorado engagement photographers

Best Places in Colorado for Engagement Photos

We’ve taken engagement photos in Colorado and beyond. It’s one of our favorite aspects of working with our couples. Engagement photography doesn’t have time pressure or location limitations! We can explore the best places and locations.

As Colorado engagement photographers, based in the foothills of the Rockies, we love the iconic places that make Colorado the photography destination that it is. However, we specialize in exploring places you’ve never seen that are off the beaten path.

Let us help you find the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. Colorado engagement photo locations are breathtaking. They vary in accessibility and some of the best require a little hiking or off-roading. Whether you’re looking for an alpine lake or a summit, we’re here to help, let’s have an adventure.

colorado engagement photographers

Choosing a Vibe to Guide Your Engagement Photo Locations

Before you can select engagement session locations, you need to determine the vibe you’re going for and the season. Is it winter in Rocky Mountain National Park, fall colors at lake Dillon, or spring in Colorado springs?

I prefer not to get into specific locations because that’s how locations get over crowded. Over crowded locations can negatively impact your experience. I suggest thinking through these suggestions and then using this information to communicate with your photographer what you’re looking for.

colorado engagement photographers

Mountain Majesty:

Consider heading to the Rockies for a dramatic and awe-inspiring engagement session. Whether it’s against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks or amidst alpine meadows, the majestic scenery will add a touch of grandeur to your photos. Sunrise and sunset shoots can infuse warm tones and a magical atmosphere, creating a truly enchanting experience.

Urban Elegance:

For couples who prefer an urban vibe, cities like Denver and Boulder provide a sophisticated setting. Stroll through historic districts, explore vibrant street art, or pose against modern architectural wonders. Urban engagement sessions in Colorado offer a blend of contemporary charm and timeless romance.

colorado engagement photographer

Lakeside Serenity:

Colorado boasts numerous pristine lakes, offering serence and tranquil settings for engagement photography. From the reflective waters of Bear Lake to the picturesque shores of Dillon Reservoir, lakeside sessions provide a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for capturing intimate moments.

colorado engagement photography

Seasonal Delights:

Embrace Colorado’s distinct seasons for a diverse range of engagement photo opportunities. Whether it’s the golden hues of fall foliage, the snowy wonderland of winter, or the vibrant blooms of spring, each season brings its own unique charm to the canvas of your love story.

colorado engagement photographers

Narrowing Down Engagement Session Locations

Closer to Denver

Depending on logistics, you might want to consider something close to Denver. There are still beautiful natural spots like Roxborough State Park. If you want to do a photo shoot at Roxborough State Park or any of the state parks or open spaces, you’ll want to make sure your photographer can get a photo permit.

Sunrise Engagement Photos Colorado Silhouette

Iconic Locations

Are you on the hunt for well-known locations such as Rocky Mountain National Park? (Photo permit needed.) Maybe you want mountain views and aspen trees in Vail or Breckenridge. Colorado has some iconic locations like the Maroon Bells in Aspen, which can be fun. (Photo permit needed.)

Off the Beaten Path

If crowded and well-known locations aren’t your thing, there are golden aspen trees down secret roads throughout the state. An experienced engagement photographer will have their favorite engagement photo locations that they utilize for engagement sessions. (We aren’t listing them here because we want them to stay off the beaten path.)

colorado engagement photography

We call it a PhotoDate: part photoshoot and part double date!

As Colorado engagement photographers we love helping you remember the joy of this time in your relationship with gorgeous engagement photos. But we like to make it an experience. We like to make the engagement session a fun memory from your engagement.

Whether it’s a shared passion like rock-climbing or mountain-biking or a special place like where he proposed, we’re excited to get you in front of our cameras. With our focus on having a great time, even couples that previously identified as not-photogenic end up having a blast.

We call your colorado engagement session a Photo Date, part photoshoot and part double date. It’s a chance to get your soon to be husband and wife team together with our husband and wife team and get comfortable in front of our cameras.

colorado engagement photographers
engagement photographers

Let Your Wedding Photographer Be Your Guide

When we show up on your wedding day we want the stress level to go down, “Whew, there’s Marc and Brenda!” Because you already know how easy it is to work with us and you’ve seen that we’ll do an amazing job making you look good in your online gallery. Your engagement session has that power!

Don’t know where to start? Let us take you to one of the best places in Colorado for engagement photos and take in the epic mountain views together. We’ll help you find the perfect location either one of your favorite places that’s meaningful to you or one of the hidden gems we’ve found in over 10 years of experience.

Our goal is that the entire experience is one of the fun aspects of wedding planning. Your engagement pictures will help you remember your joy and love. Oh, and you’ll have some epic photos of yourselves in stunning mountain views.

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Engagement Session Experience

The main goals for your engagement Photodate are: to have a fun and memorable experience, to celebrate and document this special time in your relationship, to get to know each other and get comfortable in front of our cameras.

Whether you’re planning a Colorado wedding or just looking for a photo session while you’re in the beautiful Rocky Mountain state, we’re here to capture your love on a mountain top or at sunset or under the Milky Way. We love to plan around sunrise or sunset when the light is most beautiful. And we also know to be flexible for whatever Colorado decides to offer us on any given day!

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Sample Colorado Engagement Photography

Below are some sample colorado engagement photos:

Fall Engagement Photos | Jon and Jess

Colorado Engagement Pictures on a Mountain | Ian and Kelly

Vail Summer Engagement | Sophie and Andrew

Sequoia National Park Engagement Phot | Jagrut and Suhani

Colorado Engagement Pictures in the Mountains | Marilyn and Jordan

hSunrise Engagement Photos | Ben and Brittany

Fall Engagement Photo Shoot Colorado | Kelsey and Jeff

Colorado Fall Engagement Photos | Wendy and Allison

Colorado Engagement Pictures at an Alpine Lake | Anje and Alison

Colorado Springs Engagement Photos | Lauren and Jeff

Sunrise Breckenridge Engagement Photos | Lauren and Craig

Mountain Sunrise Engagement Photos | Alex and Charlie

colorado engagement photographers

We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife photography team specializing in mountain wedding photography and other adventures.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help with your photography needs!

In the meantime, remember to…

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