sunrise breckenridge engagement photos

Sunrise Breckenridge Engagement Photos | Lauren and Craig

We’ve been on an early morning kick lately and are stoked to share these sunrise Breckenridge engagement photos. Lauren and Craig are pretty impressive as they both looked good hiking up a steep trail before most Coloradans even had their coffee yet. I won’t tell you what we looked like.

Luckily, Lauren and Craig were distracted by the beautiful mountain views and didn’t notice me huffing and puffing trying to keep up. Or maybe they did. But they certainly were nice enough not to mention it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how it seems that some people don’t seem to like people. They don’t listen, share, or smile. Not me, and not these two!

If we can have a good time on little to no sleep then there are no excuses.

Of course it’s hard not to have fun with views like these. We’re excited to show you these pictures of colorful Breckenridege Colorado complimented so beautifully by the love of this couple.

sunrise breckenridge engagement photos

In conclusion, Lauren and Craig lit up along with the landscape. They know the secret of enjoying life in Colorado.

Don’t just live here and never see the peaks. Get out of bed, early if you must, and see what the great state has to offer.

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