where to elope in colorado our favorite places

where to elope in colorado: cost, logistics, and our favorite places to say i do

As adventurous Colorado wedding and elopement photographers, we love helping our couples decide where to elope in Colorado. Today we’re going to share our process to help you with questions like, “how much does it cost to elope in Colorado” and “how do I narrow down the perfect places to elope in Colorado.”

We recently shared a process for how to elope in colorado as well as some tips on how to plan your Colorado mountain elopement. In fact, we’ve been posting a lot of elopement advice lately so be sure to let us know what questions you have. If you’re planning a wedding, you might be interested in our recent post talking about where to get married in Colorado. 

Colorado is a natural choice for an elopement destination. The trick is finding the best places to elope in Colorado. First off, know that you can’t go wrong. We’re going to help you figure out your priorities and discover the perfect setting for your vows.

Then, After you’ve selected the perfect place, it’s time to figure out how to make your elopement special.

where to elope in colorado our favorite places

where to elope in colorado

We believe that the setting of a wedding is key. The backdrop you choose for your elopement can help set the tone for your experience. We’ve shot weddings and elopements in a lot of beautiful places and have seen the power of a beautiful setting.

First, deciding where to elope in Colorado is about narrowing down your priorities. Do you still want a venue of sorts or will a secluded lake do the trick? Or do you want the most beautiful, most convenient, most affordable, or most meaningful Colorado locations?

Do you want to get married on a mountain, near a lake, or in the vibrant downtown? Will you be alone or inviting a few select loved ones? Next, check out our recent post describing how many of our couples end up deciding to elope with family.

Meanwhile, let’s talk through narrowing down your priorities and finding the perfect places for you to elope in Colorado. First, let’s start with a few questions?

1. rugged vs luxurious: places to elope in Colorado

There are a lot of places to elope in Colorado for the adventurous and outdoorsy couple. And with ample access to the mountains and forests, epic views can also be viewed from inside luxurious venues. Therefore, what’s the level of rugged appeal you’re searching for when choosing where to elope in Colorado?

You can choose a small quaint town with limited conveniences or a well-known tourist town that has it all. You can run off in the National Forest or explore the popular Rocky Mountain National Park for your elopement

What kind of places are you looking for?

  1. Remote and rugged (i.e. National Forest Land)
  2. Luxurious and refined (i.e. Aspen, Vail, Telluride)
  3. A balance of adventure and comfort (i.e. a hike in the wilderness but close to a fun town like Breckenridge or Crested Butte)

2. elope with a view, but what view?

You can find mountain tops, mountain views, unique red rock features, aspen groves, rivers, forests, and more. You can see the mountains without being in them or you can bury yourself deep in the Rockies. What vibe do you envision?

Get inspired by the variety of choices of beautiful Colorado mountain wedding venues and decide what’s right for you and your guests. When it comes to the destination you can get completely off the grid or be near a really cool mountain town. Do you want to completely unplug or are you interested in having a lot of fun things to do?

  1. Big Mountain Views
  2. Epic Mountain Lakes
  3. Rolling Foothills
  4. Colorful Aspen Grove
  5. An Adorable Mountain Town
  6. Downtown Denver
  7. Fun features like the Flatirons or Garden of the Gods

where to elope in colorado our favorite places

3. where to elope in colorado and how to get there

Now that we’ve determined that beauty is a must, perhaps you want to consider convenience. How far are you willing to go for the best views by car? How far are you willing to go for the best views by foot? 

Are you coming from out-of-state? You might want to consider drive time from Denver International Airport. Not only can the drives be busy but the altitude can take a toll if you are coming from sea level.

Luckily, I-70 connects Denver with many popular mountain towns such as Evergreen, Breckenridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek. Meanwhile, I-25 can make getting to Colorado Springs and Fort Collins fairly easy.

On the other hand, a few popular destinations such as Rocky Mountain National Park as a little more out of the way but accompanied by beautiful drives and quaint towns like Estes Park. In addition, other popular wedding destinations such as Ouray, Telluride, Aspen, and Crested Butte are a little harder to access but bear breathtaking rewards.

Of course, if you want the mountain vibe but are hesitant to be at too high of an elevation consider venues in Denver, Boulder, or the Colorado foothills.

How close or far from Denver do you want to be?

  1. In Denver, Boulder, or other foothills towns like Evergreen and Golden
  2. Take me south to Colorado Springs
  3. Give me the National Park
  4. Take me up I-70 to Vail, Breck, Keystone, or Beaver Creek
  5. Let’s go somewhere further like Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, or Steamboat

where to elope in colorado our favorite places

4. how much does it cost to elope in Colorado

The best part about an elopement in Colorado is the money you save because you don’t have to feed 200 people or reserve a large venue. That being said, there are still a variety of budget factors to consider for elopement packages. Let’s talk about how much it costs to elope in Colorado.

How much does it cost to elope in Colorado? The short answer is $30, you can go and get a marriage license for $30 and you’re married. That being said, many couples want to plan something a little more special and end up spending anywhere from $3000-$10000 for a Colorado elopement package.

Elopements aren’t always as simple as running away and getting married. Sometimes they’re a luxurious day filled with love and adventure. Colorado elopement packages might vary from one hour to a full day. Let’s explore what might go into your elopement packages Colorado.

Possible elopement package costs include:

  • *Marriage License: $30
  • Accommodations: $100-800/night
  • Officiant: $100-300
  • Photographer: $1000-8000
  • Videographer: $1000-8000
  • Flowers: $50-500
  • Beauty: $150-300
  • Clothes: $400-$5000
  • **Permits: ~$50-$300
  • Travel Expenses (Flight or fuel)
  • Food 

Average cost of Colorado elopement packages ~$4000, where will you spend your money? An affordable elopement photographer Colorado depends on your budget. Check out our packages here and ask us to customize for your Colorado elopement.

*This is the only thing you need, everything else is a want

**Some places, such as Rocky Mountain National Park, require a permit 

cost breakdown

Let’s break down some of those elopement packages Colorado costs in more detail. Accommodation costs can vary throughout the different Colorado mountain towns, the more remote you get the more limited your options become. You don’t want a cheap elopement packages in Colorado but you do want value in your elopement packages.

You can stay in a luxury resort or a modest hotel. Towns like Telluride are known for being expensive whereas some of the ski towns in Colorado have a lot of options. You can get a luxury elopement photographer or an affordable elopement photographer in Colorado. It’s supply and demand, so prices will vary based on the time of year you plan your wedding.

When choosing where to elope in Colorado, your location choice can have a big impact on your budget.

You can get married in the National Forest and State Parks for free or very low permit or usage fees. Those fees often go up as you add more people to your wedding party. Fees to get married in Rocky Mountain National Park or other high tourist locations like the Maroon Bells can be more expensive.

5. fun and meaningful places to elope in colorado

Perhaps you’re a Colorado native and you want to get married at your favorite ski resort. Maybe you’re not that familiar to the state but you know you want to make it an adventure. Eloping in Colorado can be meaningful, as I mentioned, picking the right setting can have a big impact.

If Breckenridge is your favorite ski town and you know you’ll return there every year, you might want to plan your experience somewhere special. Then, if you have a favorite hike, waterfall, lake, or town, you can factor that in. However, if you’ve never been to Colorado, exploring a new location can take on meaning of it’s own.

A trend we’ve been seeing is making an elopement like a honeymoon. Couples journey to Colorado to tie the knot but also explore and travel. It can be a fun way to make the most of your time and money. Maybe you want to consider somewhere you can hike, river raft, rock climb, horseback ride, snowshoe, camping, or any other variety of activities.

Our top 5 favorite places to elope in colorado

  1. Breckenridge is a fun town surrounded by stunning mountains.
  2. Vail is a stunning and classic mountain town perfectly located to some amazing hikes and unforgettable views.
  3. Our hometown of Evergreen, Colorado is laid back and relaxing.
  4. We’ve never had a single couple regret their elopement experience in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  5. Loveland Pass, Guanella Pass, Kenosha Pass, or Boreas Pass give a huge bang for your buck in terms of getting big mountain views without too much effort. 
  6. where to elope in colorado our favorite places

in conclusion: where to elope in colorado

Therefore, when deciding where to elope in Colorado, we recommend that you determine your style, favorite type of view, and the proximity to the airport if applicable. We also suggest you consider things like meaning and cost.

Check out more about our work as Colorado Elopement Photographers and more elopement planning information in our guide.

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