Tips for an Adventurous Honeymoon

I’m pretty excited to share these tips for an adventurous honeymoon. The ideas are taken from our own experience traveling as well as ideas from the couples we photograph. It’s time to kick off your marriage in style!

tips for an adventurous honeymoon

  1. Pick an adventurous location
  2. Balance adventure and relaxation
  3. Schedule rest days
  4. Don’t spend all your time traveling
  5. Get creative with romantic meals
  6. Make sure you both pick activities
  7. Prepare for any language and culture challenges
  8. Sunsets really are romantic

adventurous honeymoon ideas

pick an adventurous location

This might sound obvious but if you want an adventurous honeymoon it all comes down to the destination. You want a location that has activities you enjoy.

Look for a beach destination that’s more than just a beach or a mountain spot that’s more than a pretty view. You want a beach that has snorkeling, hiking, cave jumping, and exploring. Or you want a mountain town that has climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering, and more.

You get the idea, access is key. If you’re an adventurous couple, you don’t want to be stranded on an island with nothing to do. It doesn’t matter how in love you are!

adventurous honeymoon tips

balance adventure and relaxation

As an adventurous couple ourselves, we love finding the right balance of adventure and relaxation for our vacations. While we probably subscribe to the “my best vacation is your worst nightmare” policy, I still need some time to sit back and relax. I like to journal, read, and cook in addition to climb, hike, and explore.

For our own honeymoon we wanted a little bit of rugged adventure with a dose of romantic relaxation. This is a balance that started early in our relationship. While a lot of our favorite activities involve a little suffering we also don’t might low stress time together!

This especially pertains to weekends that are supposed to be “dates.” In fact, the weekend Marc proposed he planned a little time camping as well as some time at a cute Bed and Breakfast. We went hiking and running and also got massages.

A honeymoon definitely falls into the date category. Even if you tend to play hard, this might be one time to slow down a little. That doesn’t mean you have to sit around, but sitting down for a candlelight dinner might be nice.

adventurous honeymoon ideas

schedule rest days

We find that when we’re traveling we have a long list of things we want to do. It’s tricky to avoid over-scheduling. Unfortunately, it is when we do too much that we stop having fun.

Don’t be afraid to schedule rest days. You can always decide you have enough energy to head out and explore. However, who knows, you might like to sleep in or take a nap on the beach.

At the very least, you’ll have flexibility build into your schedule in case something unpredicted comes up.

don’t spend all your time traveling

In addition to our long list of things we want to do, we have a long list of places we want to go. If you put too many places on your map, you’ll spend all of your time getting there. Instead, plan to stay awhile.

After I’ve been in one place for three or more days I find that I have a better handle on everything. I’ve learned how to get around, where things are, and additional things I want to do. I want to stay long enough to feel comfortable and be able to enjoy a spot.

adventurous honeymoon ideas

get creative with romantic meals

Food is one of those things that can add a lot to a vacation. However, it can also kill your budget. Luckily there are a few ways to get creative with romantic meals.

If you’re staying at an airbnb or other spot with a kitchen, cook some meals. On our honeymoon in Puerto Rico, we went spear fishing and then headed to the local farmers market resulting in delicious fish tacos. In Switzerland, we bought cheese and all the fixings for fondue on the balcony of our airbnb overlooking the Alps.

Cooking a few meals can free up your budget to eat some nice ones at popular restaurants.

adventurous honeymoon tips

make sure you both pick activities

I don’t care how long you’ve been together, chances are that even if you like a lot of the same things there are a few differences in your preferences. It can be easy for one person to do the planning which is fine if one person is better at logistics.

However, I highly suggest that you both give input when it comes to activities. Be willing to try something your partner wants to do. And don’t be afraid to ask them to try something you want to do.

Treat a honeymoon just like the rest of the marriage. As my grandma (married 70 years) always says: communication, compromise, and compassion!

adventurous honeymoon tips

prepare for any language and culture challenges

Language and cultural barriers can be a cause for stress. Prepare for any challenges by learning some customs or key phrases. If you’re lucky, one of you enjoys trying to figure things out.

You might not be able to learn the language before you go. Don’t worry about it. Some of the preparation is simply mental preparation. Set the expectation that it might be difficult so that you can laugh it off when you start to become frustrated.

Or feel free to take language and culture into account when you choose your wedding destination. If you love learning new cultures, get after it. If you want to rekindle your high-school Spanish, head in that direction.

sunsets really are romantic

This is probably our best tip for any and every blog post we could ever write. Sunsets, we love them. They make for great pictures which make for great memories. It’s hard to look at a sunset and not be filled with gratitude and love.

You can’t go wrong planning some time to watch a sunset. Go one step further and find the restaurant with the best sunset view.


I hope you enjoyed these tips for an adventurous honeymoon. If you love wedding planning, you’ll really love planning a honeymoon. Selecting the location is just part of the process.

When you get to that adventurous destination, I hope our tips will remind you to balance adventure and relaxation.

adventurous honeymoon tips

Stay tuned for more tips on wedding planning and other adventures! In the meantime, you can view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice. You’ll find adventure couples quotes and more. If there’s a question we can answer, reach out.

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