adventure weddings

The Appeal of Adventure Weddings (and how to plan one)

adventure weddings:

…just a fancy way of saying that you and your partner both love adventure and want to incorporate it into your big day. Beware of hype and expectation, the beauty of adventure weddings is not how many likes your photo gets but how memorable your experience is.

I always talk about the wedding planning as a way to enhance your experience and impact the story. The venue is the setting, the schedule is the storyline, the guests are the characters. If you remember that the wedding is the celebration of day one of your marriage, then that fact will help guide how you want to write your story. If adventure is a part of what makes your relationship strong or special, then it makes sense that it would be important to incorporate that into your plans for the day. Simply getting married in an epic location can have you raving about the beauty of the sunset on your wedding day. That’s not something you’re likely to forget.

Our adventure wedding photography philosophy developed from our own shared love of nature, adventure, and landscape photography. Before we became wedding photographers, we became husband and wife, before that we were adventure partners united by our shared love of the outdoors. It made sense for us to want to work with likeminded couples and capture their experience and adventurous love.

Perhaps you met on a climbing trip or you were both raft guides. Maybe you love to travel the world and explore new locations. Have you shared experiences from the joy of summiting a mountain to the pain of a blister and realized that everything is better with your partner at your side? Adventure weddings can be built to fit your love and personality. Check out these tips for planning a National Park wedding or for preparing for your National Park elopement photography.

adventure weddings

here’s how:

1. make it an adventure

When it comes to weddings, I don’t think that there are any rules. I believe you should do what you want. The one requirement of an adventure wedding is that it is an adventure. That can mean climbing a mountain to say “I do” or taking a simple hike with your wedding guests the day before. Don’t get carried away comparing yourself to all of the adventure weddings that can be found on social media, make your own path. Define what adventure means to you, why you want it as part of your wedding, and the rest will follow. It might influence your chosen location, guest list, photographer, or anything else.

2. infuse adventure into the details

Whatever the wedding day looks like, you can infuse adventure into the details. You can consider using adventure wedding invitation wording when asking friends and family to either attend or send their love. You can use adventure wedding readings . and quotes during your ceremony. You can create a logo to use on your decorations that incorporates a theme of adventurous love.

3. honor the environment

Couples interested in adventure weddings are probably nature lovers. We find deeper connection with ourselves and others when surrounded by granite cliffs or golden sunsets. The sounds of birds chirping and waves crashing relax and inspire us. When nature has given us so much, it makes sense to give back. To care for the environment and our surroundings. Adventure weddings should follow Leave No Trace principles as well as other rules of the chosen location like not walking on the tundra or cryptobiotic soil. Learn about the place you love and see what you can do to leave it better than when you came.

adventure weddings

Hope you enjoyed our tips for planning adventure weddings. Stay tuned for more tips for adventurous brides and check out these wedding photography tips for adventurous brides! You can also view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice. If there’s a question we can answer, reach out. Most of our content is built from questions from our readers such as these tips for planning a remote wedding in a wilderness location or this Colorado mountain elopement guide.

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We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife photography team specializing in outdoor weddings and other adventures. Capturing people in nature and the mountain lifestyle is a passion that became a dream that became a life.

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