Mountain Top Wedding Ideas

You’ve climbed the mountain of the dating world. Finally, you’ve found the parter that makes you feel both safe and excited. The question has been popped along with the champagne. Now, it’s time for some mountain top wedding ideas.

The internet is full of inspiration to get you excited about celebrating your love. Surfer beware, too many ideas are never a bad thing but doing too many things is a bad idea! So, before we share some of our favorite mountain top wedding ideas be sure to download our free guide to help you prioritize your wedding planning.

Without further ado, without any false summits, let’s jump right off and soar through our favorite mountain top wedding ideas!

mountain top wedding ideas

details details details

You might know that we actually care less about your details than your experience. If someone forgets to place the centerpieces just right, that won’t impact your joy as saying “I do” to your best friend. However, when it comes to planning, if details sound fun to you then it can be a blast to peruse pinterest for inspiration.

When it comes to a mountain top wedding you might not need an arch or a lot of flowers blocking the view so look for ways to incorporate the natural surroundings. Set your cake and invitation designers loose with some directions of what you love about the venue you’ve chosen. Check out some ways to incorporate the mountains into your ceremony readings and quotes and adventure wedding invitation wording.

What else makes you think mountain top?! Is it prayer flags, trail signs, skis, hiking sticks, or other things that might seem at home in the environment but at the same time unique to you? Is it twinkle lights that remind you of stars or a campfire to snuggle by? Again, you don’t need much but it can be fun to infuse your passion into everything from engagement photos to wedding favors.

the journey

A lot about being in the mountains is the journey, getting from point a to b. See if there’s a way to make arriving at the ceremony or transitioning to the reception an experience. Maybe you’re already riding a gondola. Perhaps you want to kick things off with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour so guests can enjoy the views before you exchange vows.

Is your mountain top wedding off the beaten path? Depending on your guest list it can be fun to work a little harder and arrive somewhere special. Imagine seeing the faces of your best friends as they witness your favorite views for the first time while celebrating your love.

mountain top wedding ideas

share stories

Why not share some stories about your love for the mountains? You could utilize table names or photos in your guest book. You could ask those giving speeches to include something in their toast. Let the officiant recount those relationship defining moments. Make your program more of a storybook than just a list of the upcoming events.

Find ways to express to your guests the importance of the mountains to you and your relationship. Perhaps even create ways for them to share their own stories and experiences.  Incorporate nature based readings and quotes into your adventure wedding vows. Have guests add their favorite mountain quotes to your own wedding summit log.

mountain top wedding ideas

dance on top of the world

One of the things I’ve been seeing lately that I love is couples keeping some of the wedding traditions but making them less traditional. Why not share your first dance on a mountain top? Just bring some portable speakers and your favorite song! “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” anyone?!

Love feels epic, that’s the experience we’re trying to help you create. If a PB&J sandwich tastes good on a mountain top, how great would wedding cake be?

mountain top wedding ideas

stick around for sunset

If you read a lot of our wedding photography posts you’ll hear about our love of sunrise and sunset a lot. Possibly every post. Here’s the thing, we’ve never once had a couple regret taking two minutes to two hours out of their wedding day to hold each other and watch the sunset.

Sunrise is the the same way if not better because of the extra investment required to get up early!

mountain top wedding ideas

mountain top wedding ideas in summary:

  • incorporate the mountains into the details
  • make getting there part of the journey
  • share stories
  • dance (or eat cake) on top of the world
  • stick around for sunset

Hope you enjoyed these mountaintop wedding ideas. Don’t forget to plan for unpredictable weather. Stay tuned for more tips for adventurous and outdoorsy brides!

You can view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice. If there’s a question we can answer, reach out. Most of our content is built from questions from our readers such as these tips for planning a remote wedding in a wilderness location.

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