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Winter Wedding in Colorado – Reasons to say “I Do”

Today we’re talking about why you should consider a winter wedding in Colorado. I’m going to list a handful of reason and answer a few questions. But most importantly, I’m going to ask you to close your eyes and picture a winter wonderland wedding.

Release any former expectations or ideas that you have in your mind about what your wedding is supposed to look like. Have an open mind for snow, adventure, fire, and hot chocolate. You might just find that this new picture of a perfect wedding fits you better than you thought.

Not to mention, although I will, a winter wedding might be a lot less stressful to plan. It might be easier to nail down the best vendors at the best prices. We love a cozy winter wedding that adds light, joy, and love to winter.

reasons to consider a winter wedding in colorado

1. Is it cheaper to get married in the winter? Yes!

Yes, it is often less expensive to get married in the winter. If you’re open to the idea of a winter wedding in Colorado, you might be in a position to score some deals. Many vendors are more willing to negotiate in a season when they are less likely to be fully booked and some vendors even have winter wedding prices.

The Colorado wedding season is short if you’re attempting to squeeze everything into the summer months and avoid shoulder seasons that might be too cold, muddy, or unpredictable. However, if you’re willing to take on the challenge and adventure of unpredictability you might be rewarded with more than good deals.

2. Is it easier to find a wedding venue in the winter in Colorado? Yes!

This is another slightly rhetorical question placed here simply because I’ve been hearing a lot lately how hard it is to book a wedding venue right now. Venues are booked up far out in advance especially after 2020 resulted in many cancellations or postponements. My advice, don’t wait to start your marriage, just redefine what your wedding can look like.

If you’re open to a winter wedding in Colorado, stress might just melt away faster than the snow. It’s a less competitive wedding planning season and you have less decisions to make. You won’t have a plan and a back-up rain plan, you’ll just have one plan that helps you be prepared for anything.

3. Dressing for a wedding in winter = no sweat!

One of the challenges for a winter wedding is figuring out what to wear. Instead of viewing this as a negative, think “accessorize.” Plan a pair of shoes for walking down the aisle, but plan on some fun snow boots for stomping around outside for some photos too. Who hasn’t wanted an adorable wedding jacket, pashmina, or fur that they actually have a reason to wear?

Additionally, grooms and groomsmen have been known to sweat in those thick wedding suits. In the winter, this problem is eliminated. No one has to worry about being too hot which is actually harder to handle than being too cold, that’s what layers are for.

4. What about my guests? 

Well, think of it this way. If your friends have 8 weddings to attend this summer, they might be a little burnt out on weddings by September. However, I imagine that by January they’re really looking for something to celebrate.

Think about how lonely 2020 was and how hard it was to go for so long without friends, community, celebration, love and joy. There’s no reason we have to cram that into the good weather, if there’s anything we’ve learned it’s that there’s no perfect time.

Break up the long winter with a reason to celebrate! Keep them comfortable with blankets, warm drinks, and an epic dance party. Depending on what your friends and family do for work, a winter wedding in Colorado might actually be more convenient.

5. Elegance, beauty, unpredictability, uniqueness

Winter has a certain elegance, beauty, and unpredictability. A winter wedding is unique. Your wedding day will stand out from the rest and warm your heart for days to come.

Snow makes a lovely backdrop as do fires and candlelight. The unpredictable weather can be a fun symbol of the unpredictable adventures ahead. Many people just assume that weddings happen in the summer, but love happens in the winter too.

6. Snow sports and activities!

If you think about more than just the wedding day, you start to think about other activities. If you’re into snow sports and activities you might picture a sleigh ride with your Grandma or snowboarding with your brother. Winter weddings can be fun!

7. Other delicious benefits:

And trust me, there are some other major benefits to a winter wedding. Think hot chocolate bars, delicious soups, cozy comfort foods, blankets by the fire, s’mores, and more.

final thoughts on winter weddings in colorado:

When an adventurous couple approaches us about a winter wedding, we know we’re in for a treat. It might mean a playful bride on skis or stunning snow covered peaks. There are a lot of advantages to a winter wedding, more now than ever.

Let us know if we can help and ask us about winter wedding discounts!

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