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Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer (That are actually helpful!)

Inquiries all about contracts, gear, and the nitty gritty details that appear on lists of questions to ask a wedding photographer are often too basic. Any photographer that is running a business will have already answered the common sense questions like “are you available on my wedding date.” And the answer to “have you shot at my venue before” shouldn’t matter. After countless client meetings and years of weddings I’ve come up with a better list of questions to ask a wedding photographer that are actually helpful.

What I’ve learned is that as a bride, you don’t necessarily need to know what camera or editing software we use. If you love photography and are into that, by all means as your wedding photographer. However, what’s most important is that you trust your photographer. If you trust your photographer and you like their work it’s likely that you’ll trust their expertise. I’ve boiled everything you need to know into 3 simple categories.

Essentially, you want to feel comfortable with your photographer, know what you’re getting out of the deal, and utilize their expertise as wedding professionals. When it comes to what questions to ask a wedding photographer we must first start with what your end goal is.

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questions to ask a wedding photographer

After interviewing photographers you should be able to compare who you felt comfortable with and what they offer. You should also walk away with some tips, advice, and ideas that help with your wedding planning. Enough stalling, let’s get to the questions for a wedding photographer!

  1. the getting to know you questions
  2. what do I get and when
  3. recommendations questions

But before you dive in, the first question is: are you available for my wedding date?!

1. the getting to know you questions to ask wedding photographer

One of the main things everyone will tell you is that you want to feel comfortable with your photographer. They’ll be around a lot on your wedding day so you want to like them, trust them, and know that they are working hard for you. Therefore you should spend some if not most of your time getting to know them.

If you trust them then you’ll rely on them to do things that are in your best interest. You can count on them for advice prior to and on the wedding day. You know they will be there for you if anything comes up and problem solving is required.

Liking your photographer means having someone in your corner on your wedding day. Literally, we might be standing in the corner. Or in your face. Maybe you need someone to balance out your crazy family or you want someone that fits in with your tight-knit friends.

Here are some getting to know you questions you might ask your wedding photographer:

What is your wedding photography style?

If you’ve made it to the point of interviewing a photographer, you like their photography style. Ask them about it. How do they shoot and why do they shoot that way? How does it impact your wedding experience and what should you expect on the wedding day?

For example, if candid moments are important to you, find out how your potential wedding photographer captures candids. You will also want to know their post production style so you know what your edited photos will look like. Make sure your photographer’s style matches your vision for the day, you can also ask to see one of their sample wedding galleries.

What is your experience?

How long have they been shooting weddings? How many years of experience do they have in photography and specifically wedding photography? How did they get started? Do they have experience with indoor or outdoor events? (Hopefully both.) These types of questions will help you trust your photographer and you won’t feel the need to worry about little details.

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

This will give you an idea of either how busy a photographer is or how they prioritize their clients. Too many weddings and the photographer is too busy for you. Most photographers will give you a reason for their number.

Have you shot at my wedding venue and if not, how to you handle new venues?

A professional wedding photographer doesn’t have to have shot at your wedding venue before in order to do an amazing job, especially if they’re experienced. There is some merit to knowing the best locations around a wedding venue but most wedding photographers will scout a new venue ahead of time. And sometimes new places can bring new inspiration so don’t discount a Vail photographer for your Breckenridge wedding.

questions to ask a wedding photographer

2. what do i get and when questions to ask wedding photographer

Here are some questions to ask your wedding photographer about what you actually get at the end of the day.

How do you structure your wedding packages? What’s included?

You want your photographers to show up on your wedding day. More importantly you want wedding photos. What is the tangible product that the photographer offers, is it included in the package, and when will you get it?

Do I get engagement photos?

Many photographers include engagement photos, if it’s important to you it’s a good question to ask. I find it to be a fun and productive aspect of wedding photography, you can read more about why in this post on engagement photography. These photos are great for save-the-dates and invitations, and just for getting to know your photographer.

If the package comes with a second shooter, how experienced are they?

Some photographers bring second shooters to help capture various thing and you might think you need them. But since you’re paying an additional feel for the second shooter it’s good to ask about that person too.

How man hours of coverage do you suggest?

Some wedding photographers like to cover the entire wedding day while other wedding photographers do 8 hour packages. The longer a photographer is present the more they can capture candid moments but you have to weigh what makes sense with your timeline and budget.

If you’re on a strict budget I suggest the best photographer for less time than one that’s not great for the whole day.

When and how will you deliver my full wedding gallery?

We’ve heard nightmare stories from friends waiting a year before they get their wedding photos. We’ve seen numerous couples never print or look at their wedding photos. If you’re paying for a photographer you should make sure you’re getting something you can look at to remember the day by.

Find out their turnaround time. In most cases this might mean a final gallery digital files. There’s nothing wrong with digital files unless you never print them. Print your photos, trust me! But I digress.

How many final images do I get?

There’s not a right answer here as every photographer works differently but ask them for an explanation and it will help you decide if the answer is right for you.

Do I get a wedding album or wall art?

In addition to the digital files we love albums. What better and easier way to relive your wedding day than a beautiful wedding album containing your wedding images? If your wedding photographer provides an album ask about the process for finalizing the design and getting that puppy in your hands.

How do you structure your travel fee for destination weddings?

If you’re having a destination wedding you’ll want to have a handle on any additional expenses.

questions for a wedding photographer

3. recommendations questions from your photographer

Lastly, as I mentioned above, if you like and trust your photographer then they become a part of your team. Wedding photographers and other vendors do this wedding stuff all the time. Utilizing their knowledge on things like the timeline or lighting can make your wedding planning life a little less stressful.

Wedding photographers might know other wedding vendors that you’re looking for and be able to recommend a DJ or videographer that fits your vision. We very likely know how much time we need for family portraits. And we can offer great tips on things like first looks, sunset, and how to look good in your photos.

Whatever you’re concerned about for your wedding day. Ask. Maybe you’re worried about Aunt Judy demanding an hours worth of family pictures, chances are your photographer has a plan for that. Maybe you don’t know what shoes to wear and you’re getting married on a mountain. Or even if you just want ideas on how other couples have dealt with the guest list, ask!

Asking your photographer for recommendations and advice will help build that trust between you. It will also ensure that you get the best photos possible. Should you have an unplugged wedding? What should you do with your photos after the wedding?

things you shouldn’t have to ask…

You shouldn’t have to ask if the photographer has a backup plan for when there camera breaks or if they can shoot in the rain. And you shouldn’t have to ask if they have liability insurance. Most photographers learn to carry backup equipment and run their business professionally so pay attention to any red flags.

You also shouldn’t have to request specific shots or give your photographer a shot list. They should know what they’re doing and capture all the important things. A good photographer will ask you what your priorities are so that they can focus on serving you well.

There will be a lot of other things answered in the contract. You can ask ahead of time or read through the contract to discover how they deal with overtime hours or unforeseen circumstances and a cancellation policy. You can learn other things about how the photographer works from client testimonials.


In conclusion, getting to know your photographer comes before knowing everything about their business. One thing you do need to know is what you get and when you get it. And then, why not utilize your photographers expertise to alleviate some wedding planning stress?

Of course, you should also answer questions. Tell your photographer about yourself and your priorities for your wedding day. They’ll want to know what is important to you so they can serve you well!

Ask your wedding photographer questions such as those above and don’t worry about their back-up process. If they’re experienced, they’ll have a good back-up process. They should have an answer to the question, so feel free to ask it. I’m just saying you shouldn’t have to ask it.

The rabbit hole of questions for a wedding photographer starts to get long when you want to compare and contrast everything about different photographers. From their accounting software to their shipping costs to what they named their first child, the more you know the more informed your decision will be. I’m just trying to save you a little time and boil it down to the questions that are actually helpful.

Hope you enjoyed these questions to ask a wedding photographer. And more importantly, I hope they actually help you make a decision and plan a wedding. Stay tuned for more tips on wedding photography! In the meantime, you can view more of our current and most popular wedding planning advice. If there’s a question we can answer, reach out. Most of our content is built from questions from our readers such as these tips for understanding wedding photography styles.

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