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4 Wedding Tips: Dealing with the Details

One of the hardest parts of a wedding… is dealing all the moving parts. It’s amazing how much can go into planning the details of one day. It can be helpful to download a wedding checklist of which there are numerous to be found online. And it can be helpful to prioritize and decide what aspects of a wedding are most important to you. Think about your wedding specifically and plan for the unique situations you will be in. Be sure to check out our tips for remote weddings and destination weddings. In the meantime, below are 4 wedding tips for dealing with the details.

1. separate the needs from the wants

It’s a good idea to separate the needs from the wants. You may want to DIY an elaborate hand-woven table runner but you at least need the table. Dealing with all of the to-do list items is easier if you simplify the list, at least at first. You can always fit in more projects if you have extra time or help. It’s easy to get carried away with wedding details that aren’t essential and forget about the ones that matter. Putting the needs at the top of your list will help you keep the details from overflowing and overwhelming you.

2. focus on the essentials: food and fun

We see a lot of unique weddings with couples breaking the rules of what defines a wedding. One thing that almost all weddings have in common is food and fun. You can’t entertain guests all day without giving them something to eat. A day isn’t a wedding unless you’re having fun and making memories.

Some tips on food include: Think about when people will get hungry and make sure your timeline doesn’t allow for the masses to get restless. Sometimes this means appetizers or late night snacks in addition to dinner. Consider your vendors and make sure they get fed early enough to be back in action for any events. And don’t forget that you need to eat too, and not just at dinner. Have a plan for breakfast and lunch or at least some good snacks.

Some tips for fun include: When planning your wedding day, know that it is about love and community. It’s easy to get caught up in everything you’re supposed to do and forget what you want to do. You want to plan a day that you and your husband/wife will remember fondly. If this means traditions, then cut the cake. If not, don’t be afraid to decide how you want to spend your time and make your own rules.

3. communicate early on

As with most things, communication is the key. When wedding planning, many brides try to do everything themselves, at least until the wedding day. Then, they realize that they can’t be the only one with the answers. It’s important to communicate early and often. Tell your wedding planner, bridal party, and/or point person as much as you can about your vision prior to the big day. That way when there is a question on the wedding day, you’re not the only one with an answer.

4. iron out the timeline

We’ll talk more about the timeline in the next post but this is a detail that you can’t overlook. Once you nail down the timeline it will make everything else easier. Thinking about when things are happening will help you think about things you might have forgotten. It will help you decide how to pack and organize things. It’s not much help to those setting up your reception when the centerpieces are in the dressing room.

wedding tips dealing with the moving parts

Stay tuned! In wedding photography advice posts ahead we’ll be walking you through timeline tricks and enlisting a support team.

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