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Destinations | Our Move to Colorado Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our move. In part 1 we decided to move to Colorado. In part 2 we enjoyed life on the road. In part 3 we’re settling down. Pregnant and living in a truck camper without a bathroom was not how I pictured my 30s. I’m not judging. I’m sure it could be done. There are all kinds of strong women and adventurous families out there. But as much as I love traveling, I love coming home from a trip. I love routine and familiarity. I love knowing where the good coffee shops are. During our time bouncing all over the west we grew excited to land. We grew excited to get our mountain bikes out of storage and have a full and spacious kitchen. Additionally, we were anxiously anticipating welcoming a new member into the family. Life is about the journey as well as the destinations. For me, there is something about a place to call home.

So the house hunt began. We knew we wanted to live in Colorado but precisely where was a question. While we love Boulder, where my brothers family is, so does everyone else. In fact, since I left Colorado in 2004 everyone has discovered that living here is awesome. We weren’t the only ones thinking that living somewhere beautiful was the right move. We weren’t sure what we were going to do since the housing market was so crazy. Sometimes things seem to work out exactly like they’re supposed to.

My mom, who now lives in Maryland, has an old friend from work that lives here in Colorado. This friend happened to introduce my mom to her now husband. Long story short we ended up renting a cabin from my mom’s friend turned sister-in-law. While living with my brother in Boulder, we were inspired by a visit to Evergreen one day. We started to think about it and it seemed like the perfect place for us. In the foothills of the Rockies, surrounded by a lot of trails, and close to the growing city of Denver, Evergreen would satisfy both our personal and professional dreams.

We were antsy to buy a house after selling ours in California. We probably would have bought one sooner had their been more inventory. Luckily we ended up unintentionally taking the advice of some friends/family members by renting in the town we thought we wanted to move to. Renting the cabin made it easier to house shop as well as learn the various neighborhoods and traffic patterns. Buying a house was a whole other adventure. We saw some crazy places, we made a handful of offers, and we eventually found somewhere to call home. Meanwhile, our business in Colorado was growing and we were still traveling back to California frequently.

As I sit here now, I’m looking out the window at the pine trees that cover our backyard. I watch for the squirrels that jump from branch to branch or the elk that occasionally stop by. I listen for my daughter, asleep in her room, to wake up and request her next meal. Thinking through it all I am grateful for this place and this feeling. Perhaps more importantly I’m grateful for the process of getting here. It made me realize that it’s possible to reach destinations that I once only dreamed of. In business and in life, we make our own rules. One of the most beautiful things to me is that we got to lean on some friends and family members for support. It’s just a move. And yet we couldn’t have done it without help. Not only because people allowed us to live with them but because they believed in us and cheered us on. They wanted us to succeed and that feeling is almost as sweet as the success itself.

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