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What do you sacrifice for your passion? This is a question that has been on my mind. I see people living their lives in as many different ways as there are people. We all make choices regarding how to spend our time, our money, and our energy. I don’t think there is one answer or one right way rather I am inspired by the creativity of those around me. As an example, let’s talk about two extremes.

For sake of comparison, I’ll call it old school versus new school. I frequently mention my grandparents and their adventurous spirits at 90 years old. They worked really hard at their careers, raising their family, and setting up their lives. Then they retired and have been traveling the world and going on adventures ever since. On the other hand, I have a some friends that work hard, save up, and then take off on road trips to climb/ski/play until they have to work again. Both schools are admirable and inspirational to me.

The two groups, having made very different decisions, may not understand each other. And, this seems to be a continuum with people all throughout. There are people working from their van so that they can live on the road. There are people working high octane jobs now so they can retire early or have the money for toys. There are people working one job to pay the bills and another to feed the heart.

On the surface, the two ends of the spectrum seem very different. At the same time, they are both actually quite similar at their core. Both groups are sacrificing something for their passion. Do we sacrifice now so that later we can have the stability to follow our passion? Or do we sacrifice that future stability to follow our passion now? Sometimes it might mean delayed gratification. It might mean we aren’t doing what we love now but we are making sacrifices so that we can later. Perhaps the answer is different for each of us and there might be some degree of each. Different factors might influence where we land on the subject.

For me, the point is that sacrifices are made so that we can do what we love. Let’s be real for a moment and say it out loud. Regardless of which path we are taking, many of us have passions we are willing to take risks for. The passion is important whether it’s art, food, mountains, travel, or anything else. And the sacrifices are important to. Which leads me to my last question, what makes it worth it?

For me, I love adventuring with Marc whether it’s climbing, hiking, creating photography, or anything else. We’re sacrificing the stability of the known, the predictability of being employed, and any resemblance of a normal schedule. It’s worth it for moments like Monday, yes, a job where I love Monday! Monday we were watching an epic sunset together in the breathtaking foothills, while creating yoga portraits. The opportunity to connect with our “model,” to have a shared experience, to laugh and play and love what we are doing. Monday was actually a difficult day, as Monday’s often are. It was not a favorite, until that moment when we were reminded why we do what we do. The type of moment that makes it worth it. The type of moment that reaches out and touches the core of who you are and combines the enjoyment of life with purpose.

What’s your passion? What sacrifices are you making (now or future) to follow your passion (now or future)? And what makes it worth it?

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