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When I say the words “entrepreneur lifestyle,” what do you think about? The freedom of self-employment, the joy of following your dream, being self-motivated… things like that? Want to know what I think about? The stress of being self-insured, the tears that come with following your dream, and the problems that come with not having to change out of pajamas or yoga clothes every day. I’m joking, sort of, exaggerating at least. All I know is that making the leap to be self-employed was a leap into a very murky body of water with surprises at every turn. Reality is not always what you think. Luckily, I have a good buddy! That’s rule number one of scuba diving, I think it’s also rule number one of being a kid so I’m not quite sure it’s progress.

Marc had a new thought after an awesome coffee meeting we had today. Instead of calling ourselves self-employed, what if we used the phrase “business owners?” Does that put a different perspective on it? The idea is to frame it in a more positive way, allow ourselves to re-take control. Afterall, we are where we are because we chose it. So, two things we’re working on this week:

Change our perspective

So, yes, challenge for this week is to have awareness of how we can change our perspective by intentional word choice.

Don’t take ourselves so seriously

And, since trying to be better is exhausting it’s ok to complain a little too, as long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Time for a few confessions of a husband and wife photography team:

What it looks like vs what I’m thinking on some of our recent instagram photos…

(Moral of the story, don’t trust everything you see!)

  • “No sweat, take your time, I’m having a blast climbing this icefall!”
  • AHHH, hurry up and take the photo Marc I’m so tired and my smile is so fake.”

entrepreneur lifestyle

  • “What a glorious walk on the beach on sunset
  • Hurry up, and get down there so I can get the shot before the sun sets. I’ll just shoot from up here.”

photographer lifestyle

  • “Wouldn’t it be a really cool photo from the truck?
  • Please don’t make me get out of the car again right now.”

entrepreneur lifestyle

  • “Ahh, such a great day for yoga!”
  • “I can’t hold this pose forever, get your camera settings right or I’m going to take that camera away.”


Hope you are having a great Friday!

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