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Part-Time Passions | Fitting Your Passions into a Busy Schedule

The beginning of the year is a good time to think about how we plan on spending our time wisely. Of course, it’s never too late to be present and anytime is a good time for revisiting priorities. I just know that as our year ramps up and speeds off we’re trying to stick with some new habits and goals. One of the biggest things we’re focusing on is making sure we do the things that bring us joy. We touched on this in our post New Year New Adventures with a tip on how to determine what those things are. Our next challenge is to figure out when to fit passions into a full schedule.
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1. get a bird’s eye view

The first step is to take a look at your current work-life balance and obligations. What kind of schedule do you have and what are the strengths and challenges of that? We work weekends so we often get weekdays off instead. That’s great for going places that are crowded on a Saturday but tricky for spending time with friends that work Monday through Friday.

2. find places for balance

Our work in particular is already very passion focused as our work happens to be built around something we are passionate about. However, even for those of us lucky enough to love our jobs, a work-life balance is still important. You can love your job and still need to do something that has nothing to do with your income. You can love your job and still benefit from dedicating energy to something completely different. While we build our businesses and our careers, we are also building a life. Life has other components that are important for our happiness and health. What is a part of you that is not being fulfilled that would be if you have more time for a passion that fulfills it? Do you use your head a lot and need to use your heart or your body more?

3. bite-sized chunks

Can you break down something you are passionate about into a bite sized chunks? Maybe you love traveling but it’s hard to get away for a week, is it possible to break down what you love about traveling into smaller bites that can fit into your average week? Maybe you love reading but never have time for it, can you read a chapter or two while you drink your morning coffee?

4. schedule time

This might seem obvious but for us it is an actual necessity. We love date nights but unless we schedule them it’s easy to let other obligations interfere. Setting aside a night where we’re going to do something slightly different or special gives us something to look forward to as a couple. The same goes for friends we want to hang out with. They are probably busy too so if we don’t schedule it how do we expect it to happen? A schedule has been big for us regarding exercise, something we enjoy but is also easily skipped if we get carried away at work or with errands. When we plan out the week and the time we are going to the gym it’s much easier to stick to it.

5. rescue time

Now that you’ve made your schedule even busier, something has to give. I put this tip after scheduling your passions intentionally. When you have on your calendar things you want to to, it’s easier to turn off the TV. Rescuing wasted time is only one aspect of freeing up your schedule. Rescuing inefficient time is another. Brainstorm areas of your life you can make more efficient. Planning meals and grocery shopping at the beginning of the month or week may take time initially, but in the end it saves time and brainpower. Having a daily chore list helps keep the house from being a disaster by the time the weekend rolls around and you want to go play.

6. say “no” or say “yes… but”

This one is probably the hardest for me. With limited time in a week to fit in the things I want to do it’s important to be able to say no to something that might interfere with fitting in my passions. Luckily for people like me who are passionate about helping people sometimes “no” is not the only answer. For example, I might not have time for coffee with a friend but if I can talk them into going for a hike together then I’m combining two beneficial activities.

passion for adventures - mountain climbing

In summary:

  1. Get a Bird’s Eye View – Evaluate your life as it currently is
  2. Find Places for Balance – Decide what passions are most important to find time for
  3. Bite-sized Chunks – Break them down into manageable sized activities
  4. Schedule Time – Put those passions on your calendar
  5. Rescue Time – Find ways to make other aspects of life more efficient
  6. Say “No” or Say “Yes… but” – Don’t let your plan get de-railed by other obligations

Those are some ways we’re trying to make more time for the things we love as live get’s busier and busier!

We hope the thoughts above helped give you some ideas, food for thought, or at least reminded you to be intentional with your time. As we learn every year, time sure flies and the year will speed by before we know it. Be sure to view more building a life posts to see what we’re up to, what we’re learning about creativity, and what’s helping us build a life and a business we love.

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