creative potential

Creative Potential (How to build it and how to use it!)

Do you have creative potential? Can you harness it, unlock it, discover it, or develop it? Do you even want to?

Creativity is a tricky game. An elusive skill. A scary place to tap into. Creativity comes from your mind but also your heart and soul.

It’s different than other skills.

You have to let ideas fly free without judgement or criticism. You have to let go of your inner critic, your outer critic, your future critic, and all the rest of the critics. Fear is not invited and all of the “what ifs” are shut out.

At the same time, creativity comes from our fear, pain, and failures. Creativity requires space and inspiration but it also requires challenges and life lessons. Pressure, heat, and work all help push us to be more creative.

creative potential

increasing our creative potential

Marc and I have somewhat different creative processes which has been a good thing for me to learn. I put a lot of pressure on myself, I start to talk and think at warp speed, and I try to come up with a million ideas and act on them before they disappear. Marc first likes to organize his desk, clear his inbox, and remove distractions. My creativity process is messy. Messy gets in the way of his process.

What I think is interesting to notice is where our creative processes align. Below are 5 things that seem to benefit us both creatively.

1. whiteboard brainstorm session

We have a big whiteboard in our office that sometimes has deadlines and workflow on it. What’s better is when it has the results of a big brainstorm session on it. It’s easy to get stuck in our heads and not know if an idea is good. Writing ideas down helps bring them into light. Seeing our ideas inspires us to choose one to start working on.

2. change of environment

While we are continuously trying to make our office somewhere we want to be, it’s also the place we pay our bills. In our office we wear many hats from accountant and marketer to administrator. Sometimes when we need to get in a creative headspace, we need a change of scenery.

When I’m at the coffee shop, I am suddenly free from distractions and ideas are free to flow. We also love reserving a room at the library where we have a big table and whiteboard to work on projects together.

Don’t underestimate the power of an outdoor environment. Getting in nature has shown to help people access their creativity. Listening to the peaceful sounds and getting rid of distractions are just two potential reasons nature makes us more creative.

3. physical exercise

Whether or not I’ve worked out today has a big impact on my state of mind. Whenever I think I don’t have time to exercise, I need to remind myself that I can’t afford not too. The same goes for eating, showering, being in nature, and talking with a good friend.

4. going for a walkie talkie

We call them walkie talkies and it’s the best way for us to solve problems. Sometimes you have to get up out of your chair and go for a walk. Maybe it works because it combines both physical exercise and change of environment.

Add the benefits of nature and this is a deadly combination. Sometimes walking alone is best for coming up with new ideas while other times having a buddy helps me process out loud.

5. self awareness

How can I know what to create if I’m not paying attention to what is important to me? I believe it’s creatively stifling to continue to work on a project you don’t care about. It’s also not beneficial to ignore your unique passions, skillsets, and personality.

The more we know ourselves the more we can use what we know to create something new.

6. practice some skillz

Which brings us to the idea of reducing barriers to creativity. When we have the necessary skills to put our ideas on paper, our ideas will get on paper!

If I can’t sketch the design I have in mind, how do I communicate it? If I can’t use the video editing software, how can I edit the video I have a vision for?

7. face fear head on

Fear will come after you at one point or another in this process. You’ll find countless excuses to not continue.

This is the moment you need to continue.

This is the whole point.

We only increase our creative potential so that we can create.

8. time for flow

One more demand on your time. You have to find or make time to get into a state of flow. You have to be able to get focused and immersed in your work.

All of the previous items lead us to this moment and this task. You need to get yourself in the right environment with the right skills, ideas, and awareness. Then, you need to find and settle into flow.

in conclusion

We all have creative potential. The best way to increase our creative potential is to set ourselves up for success.

Then, we have to create.

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