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Outdoor Adventure Kids Will Love

So maybe it’s not worth it to take your toddler rock-climbing. Perhaps babies don’t do so well on skis. The solution isn’t to give up on adventures but to find outdoor adventure kids will love.

Below I’ve made a list of some of our kids favorite activities!

outdoor adventure kids will love

1. Kids love just being outside

Our kids love just being outside. Keep it simple and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Eat outside, read outside, or color outside. Take any activity your kid loves to do inside and try it outside.

2. Playing with water (and other messy things)

One of the benefits of being outside is that messy things aren’t as big of a deal. Playing with water, paint, or even eating can be fun outside because no one is worried about a mess. Our kids love playing at a water table, like really love it.

outdoor adventure kids

3. Hunting for leaves, animals, sticks, rocks, bones, or anything else.

Our kids love to explore and hunt for things. They love picking up rocks or sticks and they get really excited about seeing animals. While their toys seem to get old after awhile, nature seems to constantly provide new discoveries.

outdoor adventure kids

4. Hiking: Carry them around

We are extremely grateful that our kids like being carried around in backpacks,. I get the impression a lot of kids are the same way. This means that we can go hiking which is a win-win as long as we remember the snacks.

outdoor adventure kids

5. Hiking: Let them lead

If you’re feeling really patient, kids also love to lead the hike. It’s important not to have a destination or a time limit. Don’t expect to get your exercise in, think of it more as aimless wondering and use the time to disconnect from your to-do list.

6. Watching the sunset or the stars come out.

Sometimes the stars come out after our kids are in bed, especially on long summer days. But once in awhile it’s pretty special to let them watch the sunset or the stars come out. Things that we take for granted are really exciting for them which happens to renew our excitement too.

7. Climbing on things

Our kids love climbing on hills, rocks, statues, the deck, anything they can climb on. It can be helpful to have safe things for them to climb on so that you don’t have to worry the whole time.

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