adventure wedding photography advice

Adventure Wedding Photography Advice

Welcome to our adventure wedding photography advice and tips for shooting adventure wedding photography. Read the article below or watch the youtube video to hear some of our tips for how to be an adventure wedding photographer.

An adventure wedding photographer is a guide, taking their couples on an adventure and creating an experience to remember. You have to be fit enough to keep up with a bag full of gear on your back and you have to help educate your clients on things like location selection. This is an updated now two-part post to help you with the ins and outs of adventure wedding photography.

Part 1 will walk through advice for adventure weddings and elopements and part two will give your photography tips to help you take better photos on the wedding day.

Part 1: Adventure Wedding Photography Advice

1. you are the guide

Be a resource. Be fit, prepared, and have your systems dialed so that you can take your couples on an adventure.

As the photographer and guide at adventure weddings you have to be extra prepared so that you can keep up on a hike even with a camera bag full of gear.

Often, our couples are looking for us to take them on an adventure. It’s not just about one epic photo, it’s about an experience just like any other wedding.

2. get to know and educate your clients.

Different couples will want different levels of adventure. Get to know your clients so that you are able to scale your plan for their ability. Some couples want to drive to an epic spot and step out of the car in their high heels, others want to hike five miles to a summit.

Once you get to know your couples and their experience level, it’s your job to help your couples prepare. This means things like educating them on permits, hydration, weather, altitude, snacks, footwear, and headlamps.

You may need to help your couples select a location and follow the rules to continue to protect these beautiful places we love. As adventure weddings become more and more popular, we see more people breaking rules and disrespecting the environment. Do your part to preserve the real reason adventure weddings have an appeal, the beauty of nature.

3. do your research and trip planning

As I mentioned above, as the guide you will likely need to help with location selection. This means doing a lot of scouting and research. There’s a lot to know about permits, rules, and where you can and can’t go.

Not to mention, it’s rare that you will just happen upon an iconic and epic vista. Many of the best photos take planning in order to execute the right location in the right light. But you still might not be able to control the weather.

It’s also great to scout new locations so that you’re preserving the experience for your couples and not always shooting the same locations. Some couples will want that one epic spot, but many others want a unique experience and unique photos to go with it.

4. your photography style

Does your photography style match what your couples are looking for? Can you capture the landscape and tell the story of the beautiful places you’re exploring?

Learn landscape and adventure photography techniques. You might enjoy these outdoor wedding photography tips. If you’re just getting started here are some wedding photography tips for beginners.

For the best photos learn to see: light, composition, and moment. Find or create the best light, get your composition, and then wait for the moment.

And don’t forget it’s about the experience!

adventure wedding photography advice review

  1. You are the guide!
  2. Get to know and educate your couples
  3. Do your research and trip planning
  4. Fine tune your photography style

Part 2: How to Shoot Adventure Wedding Photography

Now that we’ve talked through adventure wedding photography tips to help you be a better business person, let’s dive into the photography skills you need to know. If you’re interested in how to shoot adventure wedding photography, here are some useful techniques.

Adventure weddings are often destination weddings, meaning the couple is traveling somewhere they feel is epic in hopes of an amazing wedding day. They decided against the big wedding or the traditional wedding in favor of having their closest friends celebrate with them.

Whether they’re avoiding sticky family dynamics or they feel spiritually connected outdoors and nature is their church, it’s your job to give them an unforgettable experience and epic wedding photos.

Framing & Composition for Adventure Wedding Photography

  • eliminate distracting elements 

Adventure wedding photography should show the undisturbed and wild beauty of the location. Even if you’re not shooting something in a remote location, it can look like you are. One of the keys is to eliminate distracting elements from your frame.

  • use foreground

Another important composition technique is simple but effective. Think about the foreground. Often people focus on the subject and the background and forget the impact the considering the foreground can have. 

  • use depth of field

 While I love shooting my wide lenses for adventurous wedding photography, sometimes a fast lens that allows me to have a shallow depth of field can be really beautiful and impact full.

  • use compression

Additionally, a long lens can allow for compression in your images. What that means is that you can bring the mountains in the background closer by compressing them to your subject with the use of a longer lens. This can have a dramatic effect and also add some focal length variety to your images.

  • use a wide lens

A wide lens is a must-have for adventure photography. You didn’t wander all the way out into the great unknown to not capture the grandeur of the scenery. Make sure that you utilize your wide lens to show the surroundings including the wide open sky.

  • capture movement/action

Adventure doesn’t seem like adventure unless there is some action and movement. Have your subjects walking or moving or doing something in your photos. You can even create movement by where they are looking or where you place them in the frame.

Check out this post on pricing your wedding photography and these camera settings for wedding photographers.

The Importance of Time of Day for Adventure Weddings and Elopements

Consider the time of day when planning your adventure wedding timeline. Not only will it make your images better but there is no reason not to. You don’t have to plan around guests and dinner and all the other events so plan around great light.

Below are some of the best times for wedding photos.

  • golden hour 
  • front lit 
  • back lit, 
  • blue hour 
  • stars

Don’t Forget About Getting There

When you’re planning the photography timeline don’t forget to plan for the time needed for getting to the location. This might mean planning hiking or offroad drive time. A little buffer never hurts when planning for adventure.

Gear for Adventure Weddings and Elopement

When it comes to gear for adventure weddings we like to keep it simple. Our gear is lightweight so that it doesn’t slow us down. We make sure to have enough gear to do everything we want to do but not too much that we’re burdened by it.

Check out our minimalist wedding photography gear or easy to understand camera settings. You might like our ND filter guide.

Or you might find it helpful to review: Essential gear for the adventure photographer.

Notice all of the crossovers with our travel gear list too and we also have drone accessories guide.

The best gear is versatile, durable, and makes you a better photographer.

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