2017 Wedding Photography in Review | Colorado, California, and Beyond

Dearest family, friends, and amazing couples… thank you! This review of our 2017 Wedding Photography has us feeling immeasurably grateful.

2017 was a pretty unforgettable year for us. We enthusiastically settled in to our new home in Evergreen, CO. We clumsily grew into our new role as parents. And we managed to “work hard and play hard” throughout it all, somehow! We owe many words of thanks to our friends and families for their support, babysitting skills, encouragement, and empathy. Our gratitude for our clients extends beyond the professional relationship. Their genuine excitement and understanding blew us away. Marc shot a wedding the very day we were released from the hospital with our new baby. That couple knew in advance that he might not make it at all and was supportive regardless. Talk about selfless joy. We traveled to California weeks after Skyla was born with the indispensable help of her Great Aunts. While my sleep deprived memories of the weekend are limited, a few things remain very clear to me. The couple was trusting, loving, joyful, and made sure I got my share of gluten free pie. Many of our couples sent us some of Skyla’s first gifts from handmade artwork, to a camera bib, ice climbing onesie, and adventure themed clothes/diapers/blankets. I hope I wrote thoughtful enough thank you cards and sufficiently expressed exactly how much it all meant to us.

If you know us, you know our work is more than a job. Our couples are more than clients. I frequently write about the ways in which the people we work with inspire us. Like any job, there are aspects of work that are less than fun. Those moments are easily outshined by the friends that we have made and the hearts we have witnessed. When we first embarked on our journey to become wedding photographers, we had just gotten married ourselves. Even now, when we think about our wedding we see it as “the best day ever.” We remember our friends and families sharing in our joy through smiles, laughter, and bold dance moves. I adored getting to hug everyone after the ceremony, I’m a hugger if you didn’t know. And I could never forget the pain in my cheek muscles from smiling all day long. From that day on I knew why we celebrate weddings. Whether it’s through climbing a mountain to elope or hosting a big party, making a special event out of recognizing love creates a historical moment in our relationships. Love, like life, is not always easy and it’s hardly ever perfect. It’s the glimpses of true joy, total peace, and perfect love that encourage us to keep working to be better husbands and wives. Much like re-reading a generous review from one of our couples can help us get through a challenging work day and continue to perfect our craft.

All of that to say that we’re looking back to look forward, but we’re also looking back to look inward. Looking at the year in review helps us to determine what activities we want to repeat and which ones we want to do better next time. It helps us to set goals for the future. It also helps us to see and recognize everything we have to be grateful for. There will always be more goals and bigger dreams. However, while we’re busy dreaming, planning, and plotting we’re making an intention to pause, be present, and be grateful.

Cheers and gratitude to the amazing couples of 2017 pictured below (and those not pictured due to reasons of privacy or surprise elopements)! Thank you for inspiring us with your love and allowing us to capture your stories. Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and friendship. May your glimpses of perfect love, total peace, and true joy encourage you to continue to be your best selves.

2017 wedding photography

boulder winter wedding - Rembrant Yard & Chautauqua Park

Natalie and Rick’s Boulder Winter Wedding | Rembrandt Yard

Evergreen Lodge Yosemite Wedding

Beth and Daryl’s Evergreen Lodge Yosemite Wedding

springtime yosemite wedding majestic hotel

TJ and Whitney’s Springtime Yosemite Wedding

intimate boulder colorado wedding chautauqua park

Katie and Mike’s Intimate Boulder Colorado Wedding

deer creek valley ranch wedding sunset

Travis and Meryn’s Deer Creek Valley Ranch Wedding

glacier point yosemite wedding ceremony

Zehra and Mark’s Glacier Point Yosemite Wedding Photography

Summer Ten Mile Station Wedding Breckenridge

Liz and Jimmy’s Summer Ten Mile Station Wedding

Mt Hood Organic Farms Wedding

Jeremiah and Chiu-Yu’s Mt Hood Organic Farms Wedding

Colorado Sunrise Elopement Black Powder Pass Breckenridge

Matt and Rachel’s Colorado Sunrise Elopement | Black Powder Pass Breckenridge

Salt Lake City Destination Wedding

Kathy and Drew’s Salt Lake City Destination Wedding

Studios at Overland Crossing Wedding

Raif and Linda’s Studios at Overland Crossing Wedding

Main Street Station Breckenridge Wedding

Steph and Sol’s Main Street Station Breckenridge Wedding

Playful Yosemite Wedding Evergreen Lodge

Lia and Scott’s Playful Yosemite Wedding at Evergreen Lodge

Colorful Fall Camp Hale Wedding

Lauren and Karsten’s Colorful Fall Camp Hale Wedding

Piney River Ranch Wedding

Lindsey and Jaron’s Piney River Ranch Wedding

Breckenridge TenMile Station Wedding

Amye and Sam’s Breckenridge TenMile Station Wedding

Beaver Creek Wedding Deck Ceremony

Charlotte and Jody’s Beaver Creek Wedding Deck Ceremony

Festive Fall Camp Hale Wedding

Carly and Bryce’s Festive Fall Camp Hale Wedding

Breckenridge Wedding The Sevens

Ashley and Beau’s Breckenridge Wedding at The Sevens

The Pines at Genesee Colorado Wedding

Ryan and Jess’ The Pines at Genesee Colorado Wedding

Cathedral Beach Yosemite Wedding

Tiffany and Rory’s Cathedral Beach Yosemite Wedding | The Redwoods at Yosemite

Majestic Yosemite Hotel and Yosemite Chapel Wedding

Ruby Ann and Michael’s Majestic Yosemite Hotel and Yosemite Chapel Wedding

Taft Point Elopement Yosemite California

Kristina and Nicholas’ Yosemite Taft Point Elopement Photography

Cheers to these amazing 2017 wedding photography couples. Words can’t describe the impact you have had our our lives. Thanks for stopping by. Let us know what you’re grateful for!

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