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Sequoia National Park Wedding Guide

Welcome to our Sequoia National Park wedding guide. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are two of our favorite National parks for both weddings and just general enjoyment. There is something magical about getting married under the giant Sequoias in such a memorable location.

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For the first few years of our business, we lived in Visalia, California at the base of the Sierra in the closest city to Sequoia National Park. We are lucky enough to frequently return to explore the big trees, vast meadows, and rugged backcountry. As experienced Sequoia National Park wedding photographers you can imagine that we have some tips.

A few of the topics we will discuss below are: venues, avoiding crowds, and must-see views. Planning a Sequoia wedding? We love working with adventurous couples so be sure to reach out!

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Sequoia Wedding Planning Guide

Naturally, if you are planning a wedding in Sequoia National Park, or any National Park, chances are you are inspired by nature. While less populated than its neighbor, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia still has its challenges with the crowds. You’ll want to consider avoiding the busy tourist season and look into weekdays. It’s also good to have a plan for other weather.

Additionally, beware that the drive into Sequoia National Park and more importantly, up to some of the iconic spots, is steep and winding. Sometimes we do a Sequoia wedding photography session on a different day than the actual wedding. We’re here to help work with you to make sure your timeline fits your hopes for the day.

In our opinion, the gem of Sequoia National Park is the Giant Sequoias. Standing under a big tree is unlike anything else and it never gets old. There’s something breathtaking and powerful about these trees that makes them ideal for Sequoia weddings.

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Tips for Sequoia Weddings

Like any National Park, Sequoia National Park can be crowded so you’ll want to consider planning your wedding outside of the peak tourist season if possible. We always suggest timing things around sunrise or sunset when the light is beautiful and the locations are less crowded. We can help you find a secluded spot, especially if you’re willing to hike a little.

The plan for a wedding reception can be a little challenging because there aren’t a lot of venues close by. This actually makes Sequoia National Park well-suited to elopements or intimate weddings. As far as destination weddings go, you’ll be able to achieve a smaller guest list by necessity.

My main tip for weddings in Sequoia is to give yourself plenty of time to explore the park, especially at sunrise or sunset when it’s less crowded and most beautiful. Sometimes that means throwing out the traditional wedding timeline and instead creating one that maximizes your experience and your photography.

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Challenges for a Wedding in Sequoia

The same things that make Sequoia a challenging location for a wedding are what make it great. It’s not a wedding factory. You might have to do a little research, planning, and logistics but the results will be an unforgettable experience.

Sequoia is one of my favorite places for weddings and elopements because it’s not as wedding-centric as some other locations. I love Rocky Mountain National Park and Yosemite, for example, but they have weddings down to science. When it comes to Sequoia, weddings are more of an adventure.

From the Giant Forest Museum to Crescent Meadow to a hike out to sunset rock, there’s endless exploration and mouth dropping sights to see.

Sequoia National Park Elopement

Sequoia is a great destination for an elopement. The things that make it challenging as a wedding destination make it the perfect escape for your Sequoia National Park elopement.

Envision an intimate wedding ceremony nestled in the big trees followed by a memorable and adventurous portrait session around the national park. An elopement in Sequoia National Park is a unique and unforgettable experience.

After a decade of shooting weddings, some of my favorite memories and wedding images are still from Sequoia National Park.

Sequoia Elopement Photos Milky way Stars

Where to Get Married in Sequoia

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are quite vast so you’ll want to explore specific locations when creating the plan for your wedding day. Then, you’ll want to obtain a wedding permit for your selected ceremony site. The next step will be figuring out where to do your wedding reception.

In addition to the Giant Sequoia trees, the park has stunning meadows and epic views. When you take time to hike the views get even better.

Every time we visit we discover new trails and new trees that make us smile. At the same time we always return to some of our favorite spots such as Moro Rock and the Parker Group.

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Ceremony Locations

There are a variety of wedding ceremony sites that the National Park service allows you to choose from depending on the size of your wedding. In addition to picking your favorite spot you will want to consider the location in the park relative to the Sequoia National Park wedding venues. The National Park Service offers approved locations for weddings in Sequoia and Kings National Parks which can be found on their website along with wedding permit information.

Each of these locations has something special to offer so if you can’t visit them in person, feel free to reach out. We’ve photographed wedding ceremonies at many of these locations.

Beetle Rock

Giant Forest

Crescent Meadow

Halstead Meadow

Wolverton/Long Meadow

Lost Grove

Panoramic Point

Muir Rock

Sequoia National Park Wedding Venues

Sequoia has limited options for wedding venues so finding availability might dictate your date. Some of our couples choose to get married near Sequoia but not in Sequoia. Three Rivers is a nearby foothills town with a lot of great airbnb options to consider.

Pay attention to how everything relates. Where will your guests stay, your reception be, and where do you want to take portraits! You might check out these guest posts we did for Mountainside Bride: Getting Married Off the Grid Part 1 and Getting Married Off the Grid Part 2

Wedding receptions in Sequoia are tricky but wedding receptions are always tricky. One of our favorite weddings the couple explored in home catering services and found a private chef to come to an airbnb. Catering services might be one of the biggest challenges but its worth it for those biggest Sequoia trees isn’t it

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Sequoia Wedding Tips

Need more Sequoia wedding tips to help you decide on a wedding in this wonderful place? Reach out because we can help customize your day whether you just want to exchange vows with your best friend.

We love helping couples with things like where to go. Check out our tips for other National Park Weddings in the wedding planning advice section of our blog. Here are 3 Simple Steps for a National Park Wedding and 5 Ways to Prepare for your National Park Elopement Photography.

Haven’t decided on a wedding location yet? We frequently work as Yosemite National park wedding photographers as well as at Rocky Mountain National Park weddings so check out similar location-based tips and sample weddings through the links.

Sequoia National Park Wedding Portraits in Giant Forest

Sequoia National Park Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers, we want to help make your wedding day an incredible experience. The more fun you’re having, the better our wedding photos are. From the wedding ceremony to the portraits, we can help guide you.

Sequoia National Park Wedding
Intimate Sequoia Wedding Photos

Sample Sequoia Photography

Below is some samples of our photography from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Sequoia Nationa Park Engagement

Wedding in Sequoia National Park

Intimate Sequoia Elopement

Sequoia National Park Maternity Session

Sequoia Elopement with Star Photos

Intimate Sequoia National Park Wedding

Small Sequoia Wedding

Wildlife Filled Sequoia Wedding

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Sequoia Elopement Photography Couple Portraits Moro Rock
Sequoia Elopement Photography Couple Portraits Crescent Meadow
Elegant Sequoia Engagement Photography
Sequoia National Park Wedding
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