pictures of yosemite national park california

Pictures of Yosemite National Park California

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite pictures of Yosemite National Park California. There is so much to see, explore, and discover! If you enjoy these images and are planning a trip, you might consider looping in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon.

Yosemite National Park keeps us constantly enthralled. Despite the many times we’ve been there. Despite the growing crowds and the difficulty to get camping.

That is how you know a place has magic and power. A place like Yosemite tugs on your heartstrings and calls you home. Yosemite has something for you whether you are a rock climber, photographer, or reluctant enthusiast.

pictures of Yosemite National Park California

We are excited to share a collection of our favorite images from Yosemite National Park California. You might find the work we’ve done as Yosemite wedding photographers of interest as well. Over the years we’ve gotten to know the park quite well.

As rock climbers and photographers we have been lucky enough to see many sunrises and sunsets. We are grateful for the many nights around a campfire surrounded by our friends.

meadows, waterfalls, and cliffs

Yosemite is well known for stunning meadows, waterfalls, and cliffs. People who have never visited may have heard of Half Dome or Glacier Point and seen pictures of these places. For those who have visited, it’s hard to truly capture the feeling in a photo.

That doesn’t keep photographers like us from trying. We visit the places made popular by the likes of Ansel Adams often rising before sunrise to capture the first light. Every trip is different as the light and landscape changes.

It’s hard not to wonder what it would have been like to arrive in Yosemite alone. Now, you pull into tunnel view alongside with massive tour buses and yet still feel the solitude of nature. That shows the power of a place.

rock climbing in Yosemite

There’s something magnetic about the tall granite faces in Yosemite. Whether you’re looking up from the valley floor or down from the rim, your eyes grow wide with possibility. The only the better is climbing one of those faces from top to bottom.

Yosemite attracts rock climbers from around the world. Maybe it’s the idea of conquering the cliff. Perhaps it has more to do with getting lost and humbled in nature.

Either way, when you’re looking out across Yosemite valley with sweat on your brow it’s hard not to dream. It’s hard not to feel positive about the world we live in and protective of the places we play.

photos of rock climbing yosemite national park californi photos of rock climbing yosemite national park california

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