my favorite camera backpack for women shimoda action x v2 backpack on a skiing photoshoot

My Favorite Camera Backpack Women’s Style Upgrade

I’m excited to talk about the new best women’s camera backpack by Shimoda Designs. I’ve used Shimoda camera backpacks since they launched in 2017 through a Kickstarter campaign. When they were founded, we were on the hunt for a durable, indestructible, comfortable, and attractive camera backpack.

If you’re like me, it can be hard to find comfortable backpacks for women let alone a bag specifically designed for female photographers. Let’s add in the desire for a camera bag specifically designed for female adventure photographers.

If you follow our blog you know Marc does most of our camera gear reviews and he reviews a lot of camera bags. We ask a lot of our camera gear from shooting adventure photography and adventure weddings so our standards are pretty high. Let’s dive into the release of the camera back for Women just released by Shimoda. (Use coupon code Bergreen10 for 10% off your purchase after you hear how great this pack is!)

The New Best Women’s Camera Backpack

Introducing the new best women’s camera bag. Shimoda, who already makes the best travel camera backpacks for adventure photographers, just came out with a new version of their Action series camera pack. Now, the Shimoda Action X V2 has a women’s specific style!

Since I already love the Shimoda Action pack, the new women’s specific style immediately earns its place in my mind as the best women’s camera backpack! It’s stylish, durable, customizable, and extremely comfortable making it a great camera backpack for hiking.

The main features that separate a good camera backpack from a great camera bag can all be found in the Shimoda Action and I’ll dive deeper into all of that throughout this article. I’ll talk through my favorite features, must-have details, and the fun new things that Shimoda has added in the latest version of this camera bag including an extra laptop sleeve.

What Makes the Shimoda Action the Best Camera Backpack

Shimoda already makes the best camera backpacks for adventurous photographers. Their well-thought-out designs accomplish everything I’m looking for in a camera backpack from easy access to style and durability. I’m not just talking about an everyday backpack to walk to and from a shoot, I’m talking about an everyday backpack that can survive my everyday.


Whether I’m out in the snow, mud, dirt, or rock, durability is key. The Shimoda Action has a durable waterproof material that withstands everything I put it through. It even has a rain cover in case you want more protection in a downpour but I’ve never actually needed it because the material is sufficient to protect my gear.

External Straps

The bag is functional and includes external straps and features that allow me to strap on everything from water bottles, light stands, and tripods, to ice axes and skis.

Multiple Access Points

This bag has multiple access points including the back panel, side-access, and roll top. The back panel access point is also crucial for keeping my back clean while setting my bag down wherever I need to. And the roll top allows for the bag to expand and accommodate a surprising amount of extra space for your photography equipment. I love that the roll top allows me to adjust the bag to the size or conditions of the shoot.

Special Features Included for the Women’s Camera Bag

Let’s talk about women’s camera bag specifically.

Dark Teal Color

The women’s camera backpack comes in a beautiful women’s only color. It’s a beautiful dark teal that looks great in nature while not compromising style. I’m personally not a fan of always having everything I own be black just because that’s the photographer’s way, so I really appreciate this stunning color!


More important than color is comfort. The women’s camera backpack comes with comfortable air compression straps that help me carry a heavy load. The waist strap is adjustable and fits a variety of waist sizes and the shoulder straps can also be positioned for a variety of torso lengths.


Not all women are built the same so I appreciate the versatility of both the waist strap and the shoulder strap design. They also provided two chest strap buckles in much more convenient places than the traditional across-the-chest sternum strap which isn’t the most comfortable or attractive solution. I didn’t think that the sternum strap bothered me that much until I noticed how comfortable this camera backpack was by not noticing the pack!

Top Reasons This is the Best Camera Bag

Let’s talk about what makes this the best camera backpack. From the details in the main compartment to how we organize the storage space of the camera cube, details matter.

Padded Hip Belt

The waist belt is comfortable: I appreciate the padded hip belt because my pack can get heavy and I’m often hiking or skiing with it. Adjustable hip straps are super important for getting the load off my shoulders and onto my hips.

Main Compartment

I love that the main compartment is adjustable and big enough to hold all my gear. I can organize things how it makes the most sense for me for any given job. Sometimes I need more camera gear and sometimes I need other accessories.

Functional Side Pockets

The side pockets are functional and great for carrying anything I need whether that’s water or a trip-pod.

Multipe Access Points

Having multiple access points is necessary and appreciated. I need to be able to access the bag in a variety of scenarios.

Laptop Compartment

I love having a laptop compartment integrated into my camera backpack because I’m often traveling and need to be able to have everything I need in one camera backpack.

Waterproof Camera Backpack

Having a waterproof camera backpack is incredible. I don’t have to worry about setting my bag down in the snow or getting out the rain cover. While it’s nice to have a rain cover, the material is durable enough that I never need it.

Other Upgrades on Version 2 of the Shimoda Action Camera Backpack

my favorite camera backpack for women shimoda action x v2 backpack on a skiing photoshoot

Other upgrades to the latest version of the Shimoda Action are not just on the women’s camera backpack style. The camera bag now has two padded laptop sleeves, removable lens pouches, and a secret airtag pocket. The attention to detail and upgrades to an already awesome bag is really appreciated by a longtime user like me.

Let’s take the removable lens pouches as an example. In the side pockets of the camera bag are little mesh pouches that you can pull out to help carry your lens, water bottle, tripod, light stand, or a variety of other things. In the previous version of the back, these were sewn on but now they are detachable allowing even more versatility.

I often use these as a water bottle or tripod holder while hiking but now with the flexibility of carrying them anywhere, there are more options for how to utilize this great detail.

What Do the Best Camera Backpacks Have in Common?

my favorite camera backpack for women shimoda action x v2 backpack on a skiing photoshoot

Let’s talk about what the best camera backpacks have in common. From camera cube to laptop sleeve, it’s important o be able to carry all of your camera equipment in a nimble way. We’re always on the go and can’t slow down to take too many trips with too much camera gear.

The best camera backpacks have the features listed below. Everyone might have different priorities depending on the type of photography your shoot. Are you looking for a light camera backpack, with quick access, and ample storage for your photography equipment? Do you just need to carry a mirrorless camera or does your camera kit include large lenses?

Even if you shoot a mirrorless camera, you likely need enough storage space for the rest of your camera kit which might include your backup camera bodies, accessories, and more. You also want quick access to your main camera.

Features of the Best Camera Backpacks

Let’s talk through important features that the best camera backpack needs to have.

comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps

Especially when it comes to a women’s camera bag, there’s a reason shoulder bags aren’t as possible. Comfort is key when carrying heavy camera gear.

a customizable and removable camera cube with thoughtful quick access points

This is what separates the camera backpack from a regular backpack. The best camera bags use a thoughtful cube system and access points making it easy to get into the main compartment where all the gear is or just access the laptop compartment if that’s what you need.

waterproof material or a rain cover

If you’re like me and you shoot out in the elements, it’s nice to have a durable camera backpack that you don’t have to worry about getting wet. Afterall, it’s carrying all of your expensive gear.

padded laptop compartment

As I mentioned, I love having a padded laptop compartment so that I can bring my computer with me on trips when needed.

ability to carry camera gear for a variety of job sizes

Sometimes I need all my gear and my laptop, other times I need to be able to pair down and only bring what I need. Being able to have one bag that can adapt is very important.

ways to carry additional camera equipment like a tripod holder

Not only do we need to carry our cameras and lenses but sometimes we need lightstands or tripods or other gear so we need space for that.

extra space for food, jackets, and camera accessories

We also need to carry things other than camera equipment such as food and jackets for a busy day out.

ability to carry multiple camera bodies and lenses

Most photographers carry a backup camera as well as their primary camera. And there are also multiple lenses involved.

somewhere to put a water bottle that won’t leak onto your camera gear

I talked about needing to carry things like food and water, but let’s take it one step further and mention that we need to make sure water doesn’t leak on our gear.

easy access points for the main camera gear

As an adventure photographer, all my gear needs to be lightweight and durable, it’s part of why we switched to the Sony mirrorless camera and it’s part of why we love the Shimoda brand for a solid travel backpack. A good travel backpack needs to fit a variety of photography gear based on where you’re going and how you’re traveling. The best camera backpacks for travel photographers also need to fit more than just your photography gear.

Review of the Best Camera Backpacks

Check out this YouTube video that Marc make a while back where he reviews the best camera backpacks. You’ll see how he chooses the best camera backpacks as well as some of his favorites. Obviously, we’re a little biased and brand loyal to Shimoda at this point but you’ll see why it’s earned its place among the best camera backpacks.

Summary of the Camera Bag Women Will Love

I’ve tried a lot of camera bags over my 12 or so years as a professional photographer. But I’ve been a loyal user of Shimoda camera bags for about half that time. This latest version and specific style camera backpack for women have me excited enough about the best women’s camera bags to do my own review! (I usually let Marc do the camera gear reviews since he loves that stuff!)

It’s a great balance of form and function as it’s both a beautiful camera backpack and a camera backpack capable of helping me accomplish what I need to. It’s comfortable for carrying heavy camera gear and I can scale it up or down depending on how much gear I need for a specific shoot with the roll top. It has adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps that are padded beautifully for comfort,

All of the details from the padded laptop compartment to the multiple access points to the main compartment do not go unnoticed. There are even practical handles where I need them. If you’re looking for a photography backpack that can keep up with you, don’t forget you can use coupon code Bergreen10 for 10% off this camera bag for women or other Shimoda products.

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