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Drone Accessories

This drone accessories article will break down some of my favorite add ons to enhance your aerial photography & vidography. Drones are growing in popularity and are a fun addition to your photography kit.

I love flying mine to explore and capture unique perspectives. Below are accessories from basic to specialty that I have used or can see a scenario for using.

Essential Drone Accessories

This section will talk through some essential drone accessories that will help enhance your drone operating experience. A few good accessories can make flying easier and help avoid common problems.

Drones are inherently complex with lots of moving parts and complex software, so it’s important to minimize the risk of hazards with a few helpful accessories.

Batteries and Chargers

The most important drone accessories are the ones that keep you up and running. That means batteries and chargers. You’ll want high-capacity batteries for extended flight time and fast chargers for efficient recharging.

The worst thing that can happen to a drone pilot is a dead battery at the wrong time. To keep my DJI Mavic 3 drone in the air I have 4 batteries which allows me to fly almost continuously when I have access to a vehicle or wall charger.

Be aware that charging batteries right after flight (especially when the weather is hot) can cause damage to them. I recommend letting batteries cool before immediately re-charging.


One of the first accessories you should consider is filters. I almost always fly with a polarizing filter. This will cut reflections and make your images/videos richer in color. Additionally, you may consider an ND filter to keep your shutter speed low in bright conditions (check out the 180-degree shutter rule).


Depending on your drone, you’ll want to consider upgraded propellers for better performance. At a minimum, you’ll want an extra set in case of a crash or collision. Propellers are usually the first and hopefully the only thing to break when you crash.

My most common issue has been the propellers hitting something at landing or takeoff causing them to break off at the tip. Having an extra set will keep you flying.

There are also low noise propellers but I haven’t found them to be very effective at reducing noise.

Carrying Cases

Next, you’ll want a protective case to safely transport your drone to your job. I prefer a hard case with a large open padded area. My drone, batteries, controller, etc all fit inside and stay protected.

Having an insert with slots for every piece of gear is great but you’ll have to buy a new case every time you upgrade your drone. Also, if you add accessories, they won’t have a dedicated space in your box. Having a large padded case gives you more flexibility and packability.

Landing Pad

Having a landing pad will allow you to land on uneven surfaces or in places like snow. It can also help reduce the amount of dust kicked up by the propellers and keep your drone clean.

Remote Controller Accessories

First up, I strongly recommend a screen shield/protector. Mine also doubles as a sun shade and it protects the control sticks so you don’t have to remove them every time you store the controller.

Flying your drone is easier with a tablet or phone holder. Having a large screen will give you better precision during flight. At a minimum, I recommend getting a drone controller with a larger screen other than your phone.

Beware of using tablets in cold weather. I once had my iPad go from 100% charge to dead in a matter of minutes while flying in near zero-degree temps. I was able to recover the drone but suddenly not having a screen was unnerving.

Next, I strongly recommend a lanyard or strap for your controller. This will allow you to hang it around your neck when you need both hands free. It also makes hand launching or landing your drone much easier.

Having a drone controller with a built-in screen with simplify the flight process and make it easier to keep everything in your kit charged instead of having to rely on your phone for a screen.

Another popular accessory is a range extender. This can increase the connectivity of your drone to your controller and prevent connection issues when flying in complex terrain.

Pro-tip, always keep an eye on the connection strength if you have any doubts about maintaining a direct line of sight to your drone. Even a truck briefly getting between you and the drone can cause the signal to drop (always a scary moment).

Specialty Drone Accessories

This section lists some specialty drone accessories that are more wants than needs depending on your circumstances.

Drone Lights and Illumination

LED lights for night flying. To legally fly at night, you’ll likely need more than what comes standard with your drone.

Strobe lights for increased visibility can make you legal while flying after daylight hours. Be sure to follow the latest FAA rules regarding night flights.

Remote ID Module

If you’re flying an older drone without a remote ID capability, you may need to purchase a separate accessory to be compliant with the FAA’s new remote ID regulations.

The implementation date and rules seem to still be developing so be sure to check the latest from the FAA on how to be compliant with remote ID.

FPV (First Person View) Gear

Some people enjoy FPV goggles for an immersive flying experience. You can also utilize antennas and receivers for better signal quality.

Typically this is reserved for FPV-style drones but some people use them with traditional drones to get a detailed look at the footage captured.

You can also combine the goggles with a motion controller to get a unique flying experience. Be sure to check the compatibility of your equipment as some combinations are not supported.

Innovative Accessories

The following innovative accessories are for special use circumstances or unique situations.

Drone Skins and Decals

These can be a fun way to customize your drone and make it easier/harder to see in certain conditions. You may want high-visibility stickers if you need to see your drone in tricky flying situations. Alternatively, you may want a camouflage decal if you want to remain discreet.

Payload Release Systems

This is a fun way to drop things from your drone. Using a payload release system may violate some FAA regulations so be sure to read up on your parameters/systems and follow the law.

Drone Fishing Accessories

Similar to the above idea, be sure to follow the rules. There is also a substantial risk to your drone getting tangled in the line and falling into the water.

Drone Floatation Device

Like a life jacket for your drone, it may allow you to land on water if it’s not too choppy, or this can prevent a catastrophic loss if you are flying over water.

I’ve always been cautious about flying over water but having a floatation device may be just the tool to give you a little peace of mind.

Maintenance and Care Accessories

This section is all about the maintenance and care of your drone. Taking care of your drone will help keep it in great shape when you resell and upgrade to a new model.

Drone technology is also quite sensitive so taking good care of your equipment will make it easier to stay operational.

Cleaning Kits

Like with any camera gear, it’s important to keep your drone clean. This is especially important when flying in dusty conditions. This kit will give you a full compliment of cleaning accessories.

The most critical elements to keep clean are the camera, gimbal, propellers, and moving parts of the drone. You’ll also want to clean the screen and controls of your controller.

Propeller Guards

Propeller guards help protect your propellers against damage during flights. There are different types of guards for different environments. These may be required in some situations and are very important if flying indoors.

Note that propeller guards will reduce your flight time and sometimes make your drone harder to maneuver.

Anti-Dust Caps

On the note of keeping your drone clean, you can also use anti-dust caps to prevent dust and debris from entering sensitive areas of your drone. Keeping your drone clean and dust out of sensitive areas will help with the long-term value of your drone. Beware that caps will reduce the effectiveness of the cooling systems so be careful in warmer environments.


Like with all camera gear, some accessories help you get your job done. And then some accessories are for fun. It’s important to explore how you use your drone so that you can develop a kit that makes the most sense for your drone usage.

Drone technology is constantly evolving so while I love a good accessory, it’s also smart to not overinvest in something that might be quickly outdated. Look for accessories that are less drone model specific, then you can use them with your next drone too. Analyze the right balance of wants, needs, and your budget and happy shopping!

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