empty nester pics rocky mountain national park

Empty Nester Pics Rocky Mountain National Park | Steph and Mike

What’s better than Rocky Mountain National park engagement photos? Empty nester pics! The only thing better than hanging out with young love is getting to spend time with wise love.

Steph and Mike are celebrating there soon to be empty nester status, but more importantly the fact that they stayed focused on their love and their passion. It’s always an honor to be around love, there’s always something to learn. I’ll tell you what, there’s even more to learn from couples that have been there, done that, and still look at each other with joy and passion.

In the case of this photoshoot, I wasn’t asking the newlywed questions like, “how did you meet?” but rather important ones like, “how did you keep your marriage strong?” I’m grateful for the chance to be around these two and soak up their wisdom and excitement for life.

As wedding photographers we get to see a lot of first chapters. Now that we’re a decade into our own marriage it’s pretty awesome to witness some of the other chapters. Steph and Mike are about to start a new one and I have no doubt they’ll continue to thrive.

Let’s feast our eyes on some Rocky Mountain National Park empty nester pics. Nothing says love like the Colorado Rockies. Ok, maybe a sunset!

Empty Nester Pics Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement

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