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Wedding in Sequoia National Park | Katie and Jason

Katie and Jason had to plan and then re-plan their wedding in Sequoia National Park. The end result certainly wasn’t the original vision but it was a beautiful and intimate day nonetheless. If you don’t believe me just look at Katie’s face, that girl should not play poker!

This has been a crazier than crazy year which means one needs a crazy kind of love. We need love that can handle stress and change and challenges. We need love that can find joy in tiny moments and simple glances.

Katie and Jason have all that and more.

And I wasn’t even there. I can tell all that from our meetings, e-mails, and culling through the photos Marc shot while I stayed here in Colorado and he went to California to photograph the special day. Katie and Jason were unbelievably understanding and compassionate in the midst of their changing plans. Everyone has had to adapt, accept, and adjust.

Marc and I have had the pleasure of witnessing couples as they go from the initial excitement of wedding planning to the disappointment of changing those plans. We’ve loved seeing couples accept and adapt to the new path ahead.

And we too have had to accept, sometimes the dream team is apart and two photographers become one (not in the romantic marriage way.) If there’s anything COVID has taught us it’s that distance doesn’t matter, we still support each other. Marc and I haven’t gotten in our typical quantity of trips to California this year but we feel closer to some of our faraway friends because of their passion, compassion, and support.

I hope that Katie and Jason felt the love not only of the guests who were able to make the wedding but all of us that were there in spirit. We sent our joy, excitement, and positive vibes!

We met these two because we photographed their family, Sarah and Stephen’s fairytale wedding back in 2015. It was a different day with a bigger crowd but a similar sentiment.

Love, nature, and family surrounded Katie and Jason on their wedding day. May those same elements carry them into an amazing marriage.

intimate wedding in sequoia national park

Congrats you two on a beautiful day! While your wedding in Sequoia National Park didn’t go as planned, it sure was stunning!

These two even woke up early the day after the wedding to watch the sunrise. It’s a beautiful start to their marriage. It makes me think of hope for the future and the power of love.

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