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Aly and Sam’s Ten Mile Station Breckenridge Wedding | Breckenridge Colorado

Aly and Sam had an absolutely picturesque wedding day. We drove up to the mountains on Saturday, the day before the wedding, and it was one of those raining, snowing, sunny, confused sort of Colorado days much like it was for their Rocky Mountain National Park engagement. By the time the wedding day rolled around it was clear blue skies. We had brought warm clothes, jackets, and gloves so as to not be caught unprepared but it turned out to be sunshiny and wonderful. We knew Aly and Sam were the type of people that would have made the best of anything, at the same time, we also felt that these two definitely deserved a perfect Ten Mile Station Breckenridge wedding day.

We knew a few more things from our time with this rad couple. We knew they have an eye for adventure and good beer. We knew they are fun to be around and easy to talk to. We knew they make an adorable couple complimenting each others adventurous and playful spirits. We even could have guessed that Aly would made the most beautiful bride and still be able to hike through the forest. What we never could have known was that Sam is a dancing machine, I mean this groom had moves. The wedding day was perfection, the evening was a party! If people weren’t tearing it up on the dance floor they were eating one of the many decadent desserts on the dessert bar. All the while, the milky-way was coming out above the mountains. It was an absolute blast being there to help Aly and Sam celebrate their wedding, we’ve grown quite fond of this couple so we loved meeting their friends and family. Capturing the festivities of this Ten Mile Station Breckenridge wedding reminded us how lucky we are to be wedding photographers. We can’t wait to share the joy, love, beauty, and dance moves with you! Congrats to the beautiful couple on their perfect wedding day, this is only the beginning! Aly and Sam’s wedding was also published on Couture Colorado.

Ten Mile Station Breckenridge Wedding

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Aly and Sam tied the knot in style at their Ten Mile Station wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado. What an amazing day, congrats you two! Way to make Colorado proud! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day, it was a blast and a honor. Cheers to your marriage and the many more adventures ahead. Thanks to the amazing vendors that made this day happen:

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