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Sunrise Elopement in Colorado | Travis and Alli

Have you ever dreamt of a sunrise elopement in Colorado mountains? Have you pictured the epic views and having them all to yourselves on your wedding day? Travis and Allie saw their dream become a reality and we were honored to be there to photograph it.

When first met these two, back before COVID and face-masks, it was like meeting old friends. I’m not trying to claim that we saw into their souls or anything but they are incredibly easy to talk to and be around. They are kind, open, fun, and funny too!

There are some people that just make you feel at ease and like all is right in the world. And who doesn’t need more of that right now?

We loved seeing Travis and Alli nervous at 5am as the sky was turning pink and they were about to exchange vows. It was a blast hiking up a mountain with them, us in our hiking attire and them in their formalwear. They skipped through the meadow, made silly faces, and also look hopelessly sweet and sincere.

Meanwhile, mom and dad set up a mini dessert and champagne reception with cookies so big I worried the cookies were going to eat us. I love celebrating things, now more than ever. And the marriage of Alli and Travis is certainly something to celebrate!

sunrise elopement in colorado mountains

Cheers to the beautiful couple and their perfect sunrise elopement in Colorado mountains.

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